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    Jampolsky, Rachael
    U.S. exit from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the implications held therein for United States involvement in the Asia-Pacific region and Asia policy under the Trump administration indicate an abdication of U.S. hegemony in the region, allowin . . .
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    Coleman, Shane
    The American shipping industry operates under the regulation of the Jones Act, found in the Merchant Marine Act of 1920. The 97 year old legislation has outlived its intended purposes. In 1920, the United States created the Jones Act in order to regul . . .
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    Warrick, Geovani
    After World War Two, Japan was in a state of reformation under the political and military influence of the United States. As a result of their aggression and actions during the war, United and actions during the war, United and actions during the war, . . .
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    Steele, Keegan
    The Indian Ocean Rim (IOR) has become a major geopolitical and security interest in the 21st century. One of the biggest issues that faces the Indian Ocean today is the swift growth of maritime related security threats. This is a major concern to not . . .
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    Young, Pierce
    Blockades have traditionally been an operation navies take during war yet are used today when no declared war is taking place. Today blockades have been used due to the security threats posed to a belligerent if one were not in place and as a display . . .
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    Lum, Brandon
    With rising threats from naturally occurring events and human caused attacks, California’s ports are a critical piece of infrastructure that must be protected at all times. In order to operate these ports rely on systems and networks. Electricity is t . . .
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    Crawley, Arlen
    The rise of ideologically-motivated "lone-wolf" active shooter attacks constitutes a new phase of terrorism like nothing seen before. The perpetrators of these attacks are radicalized through the Internet, via digital communities with an environment s . . .
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    Belman, Joseph D. W.
    The Indian Ocean Rim (IOR) has become a global hotspot for international states and developing states to grow in their commercial industries. The Indian Ocean is the third largest ocean on Earth and is home to a variety of natural raw materials found . . .
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    Cervantez, Daniel
    The United States is currently involved in three conflicts the Middle East. The current result of these interventions has resulted in consequences that the United Stated did not intend. The question is why does the United States find itself in the sam . . .
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    Kim, Alec
    The study focuses on what exactly the core issue is of this “bigger picture”. Rather than specifically discussing what the trade war entails, this thesis uncovers what the trade war really represents, and the underlying ideological conflicts that exis . . .