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  • 0r967608x?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Ochoa, Steven
    Aluminide coatings were produced by halide activated pack cementation (HAPC) and halide activated slurry cementation (HASC) on Ni-base superalloys (UNS N07208, UNS N06230, and UNS N07718). Both HAPC and HASC are in situ chemical vapor deposition proce . . .
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    Student Research
    Christensen, Rachel
    There are over 400 different breeds of the domestic horse (Equus ferus caballus), each selectively bred for a purpose. Breed differences frequently result in a distinctive gait, or body movement. Individual horses may also have gait variations that di . . .
  • Z316q366f?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Fattal, Albert
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain are two major technologies with the potential of transforming modern business and leadership. While each one of the two technologies offers both technical and business advantages, when working together they . . .
  • H415pc786?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Elemy, Thomas
    This presentation discusses utilizing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and LiDAR technologies as a means for creating three-dimensional maps along with allowing for the detection of obstacles so that mid-air collisions may be avoided. This topic of res . . .
  • Ht24wm624?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Lee, Yoo Jin
    An important factor of typography is the rules that dictate good type treatment. This, however, does not mean good design. My project is a book I created that shows my journey to find the perfect form of typography and how I come to achieve perfection . . .
  • Gf06g498t?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Hernandez, Edwin
    Since cannabis' legality in California on January 1, 2018, many people feared its ramifications in American society and politics.The hypothesis is that California College students who used cannabis since it became legal in California would vote in fav . . .
  • 0k225d55k?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Herrera, Antonio
    Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs) can be cost effective and efficiently used for indoor search and rescue missions. These environments pose dangerous and risky scenarios for rescue personnel. UASs can locate and assist victims that are in need during the . . .
  • Vx021h73s?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Janilkarn-Urena, Isis
    Δ^9 -Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) the psychoactive component of Cannabis (marijuana), acts by binding to two well - known cannabinoid receptors. The central cannabinoid receptor (CB1R) is mainly expressed in the central nervous system and the peripheral . . .
  • 2801pj596?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Wu, Ruifan
    machine learning is an idea that feeding data to the machine model and it builds it own logic based on the data, and thus is able to generate results that approximate the aimed result. In this visual preference research, the goal is to train a machine . . .
  • Gq67jt385?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Sanabria, Brandon
    Oxidation is a corrosion phenomenon where metals degrade by reacting with their surrounding environment. There is always a need for better and more durable metals that can be used to create load-bearing structures. The objective of this project was to . . .