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    Hansen, Zachary
    Agragene, a San Diego based startup, is pursuing a novel precision guided sterile insect technology for the invasive, agricultural pest species, Drosophila suzukii. There is no regulatory precedent for commercial approval of a similar technology. For . . .
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    Roscoe, Nathaniel
    This Semester-In-Residence (SIR) program was completed at Navigate Biopharma Services, Inc., a Novartis subsidiary located in Carlsbad, CA. Navigate Biopharma Services specializes in providing services to various companies including assay development, . . .
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    Iddings, Robert
    BioSpark Laboratories is a proposed non-profit organization intended to serve scientific researchers in South America by providing low cost laboratory equipment. Based out of San Diego, BioSpark takes advantage of the vast diversity of life science in . . .
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    Chung, Doug
    This Semester-in-Residence project was conducted at Gilead Sciences, Biopharmaceutical Company, in Oceanside, CA within manufacturing department. The goal of the project was to generate User Requirement Specifications (URS), Standard Operating Procedu . . .
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    Weinberg, Stephanie
    This project was conducted at a clinical oncology laboratory specializing in hematology and solid tumors. This was a cross functional collaboration between marketing and flow cytometry. The goal of the project was to become more competitive, increase . . .
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    Siador, Berlin
    This Spring 2017 Semester-in- Residence was conducted at Ajinomoto Althea, Inc. in the Process Science department located in San Diego, CA. Ajinomoto Althea, Inc. (also known as, “Althea”) is a contract manufacturing organization known for providing c . . .
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    Moreno, Odilva
    Company X, Oceanside campus, is a bioprocessing company that manufactures biologics to treat patients with life threatening and serious medical conditions. With large number of new hires onboarding and a current expansion of its manufacturing facility . . .
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    Naik, Abhishek Ashwin
    Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is one of the leading causes of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) and is notorious for its high mortality rate. Many multiplex assays to detect MRSA are currently in the market but are either expens . . .
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    LeBlanc, Kyle
    This project was conducted at Neuropore Therapies, Inc. Neuropore is located in San Diego, CA and the business focus is on curing neuro-degenerative diseases, namely Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease. Project goals included becoming certifie . . .
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    Ramrakhyani, Jaya
    Clostridium difficile frequently causes infectious diarrhea in hospitalized and elderly people. Infection results from reduction of natural intestinal flora, allowing the spores to grow and spread via fomites. The severity of C. difficile infection de . . .
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    Borst, Kathleen Rebecca
    Multiplexing Asymmetric Primer Extension is a complex and lengthy reaction that can be affected by many variables. It is used by AutoGenomics Inc. to help determine patient’s genetic mutations that could affect their course of treatment and to determi . . .
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    James, Martha
    Genentech, Oceanside is a biopharmaceutical manufacturing plant with bioprocessing technicians that have a large range of experience and education in biotechnology. Before, Genentech, Oceanside did not have a training plan for experienced bioprocess t . . .
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    Nguyen, Nhan
    Controlling interferon production will reduce the frequency of relapses of multiple sclerosis and provide a better quality of life for patients. Finding the gatekeepers within the pDC pathway that controls IFN production will lead to therapeutic devel . . .
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    Miceli, Matthew
    This research project was sponsored by the marketing department at Company X. As flow cytometry experiments become increasingly complex, researchers need tools and products dedicated to making experimental design as efficient as possible. For example, . . .
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    Singh, Prerna
    The goal of this project was to develop a novel PCR technology for detection of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) associated with statin induced myalgia. We compared different PCR methods using sequence specific primers and UP tagged primers. Res . . .
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    Tehraniyekta, Marziyeh
    Assistance for women who have difficulty conceiving often relies on in vitro fertilization technology. The number of "test-tube babies" born is increasing each year around the world, but the success rate remains low and might be improved by enhanced m . . .
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    Farahmand, Azadeh
    Genetic factors play a key role in addiction and pain but are generally not evaluated in clinical practice. Some people who experience chronic pain are genetically predisposed to neurochemical deficiencies. A greater susceptibility to Prescription Dru . . .
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    Mireles, Gabriella
    Emiliania huxleyi is numerically the most abundant coccolithophorid and is found throughout the world with the exception of polar sea waters (Marsh, 2003). The genome of E. huxleyi was sequenced in a collaboration between Dr. Betsy Read’s lab at Calif . . .
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    Nguyen, Vy
    Management teams are frequently charged with making informed decisions for valid investments and cost-saving ideas for laboratory instruments. Cliniqa Corporation is a research and manufacturing company that produces quality controls and calibrators f . . .
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    Reyes, Denisse
    A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction made to a company in relation to their products or services where a response is expected. Efficiency in responding to customer complaints is essential in the biotechnology industry. The Semester-in-Resid . . .
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    Huynh, Minh
    Seacoast Science Inc. developed a micro system-based assay that allowed users to analyze the plant fertilization process in real-time. Since the product is in the developmental phase, the product designer wanted to find out the most suitable target ma . . .
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    Musmacker, Joseph
    Sepsis is an acute and life threatening medical condition characterized by a systemic infection (bacterial, fungal, or viral), inflammatory response and eventual organ dysfunction. Sepsis is associated with high mortality and is a significant driver o . . .
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    Truong, Kathy
    Ardea Biosciences, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of AstraZeneca, PLC., recently developed several gout drugs, with Lesinurad as the most advanced product candidate in Phase 3 clinical trials. A new organizational structure was implemented for execut . . .
  • Dn39x189j?file=thumbnail
    Ellison, Christopher
    This analysis provides insight into the viability of the INI Universal Propane Adapter Kit (UPAK™) in the household consumer market, both domestically and on an international platform. It was important to distinguish profitability within the market an . . .
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    Mohamed, Rene
    A team at Hawthorne Cat recently enlisted a group of five students from the California State University San Marcos (CSUSM) Fully Employed Masters of Business Administration (FEMBA) program to conduct research on the backup power generation system mark . . .
  • Rx913q287?file=thumbnail
    Myers, Andrew
    This executive report provides a top-level summary of the more comprehensive report submitted by the INI Power Project Team. The purpose of this report is to provide the reader with basic insight into the findings on upcoming environmental regulatory . . .
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    Josephsen, Abigail
    Company X, a nonprofit data-driven journalism company, is looking to diversify into the arena of data analysis or selling of aggregated datasets. Market research via company analysis and personal interviews was conducted to determine whether it was fe . . .
  • Gm80hv73t?file=thumbnail
    Stephan, Paul
    What is the optimal position and applicable strategy to maximize ItsPayd’s desirability (valuation) when consolidation and target acquisition opportunities present themselves as their industry matures? Determining the answer to this question is one of . . .
  • 8336h226r?file=thumbnail
    Morgans, Scott
    The probiotics industry is a booming industry, expecting to grow an additional 38% by the year 2021. Under the Food and Drug Administration regulations the majority of probiotics are marketed as dietary supplements. This categorization of dietary supp . . .
  • Qn59q435b?file=thumbnail
    Wilson, Dana
    In this thesis, I will discuss the details of my internship and the project we were assigned. I will also discuss my experiences and how they relate to my cultural expectations, global competencies, and academic training. In order to discuss my cultur . . .
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    Martin, Alycia
    This project was conducted in an entertainment company, analyzing vCPU data for the internal AWS private cloud. The paper contains an overview of the company, the department, the student's learning, and the MBA courses that gave her the knowledge to c . . .
  • R781wg555?file=thumbnail
    Reyna, Robert
    What are the benefits of having a cigar lounge in the inner city? Sanctuary Cigar lounge offers a place for professional people to come and relax after a long day at the office. It has a back room for people to come in and have meetings to socialize t . . .
  • J098zb48n?file=thumbnail
    Pascua, Michael
    The craft beer industry has provided a significant boost to Southern California’s rising economy. With a diverse and sophisticated selection of craft brews, Southern California has generated billions in revenue directly from the sales of craft beer. I . . .
  • Ng451h89d?file=thumbnail
    Berkley, Joshua
    Barriers to entry are low in the automotive LiDAR segment. Power of buyers and suppliers has yet to be determined in the automotive LiDAR world. Substitute products can also pose as complements due to the market trend toward sensor fusion. Rivalry is . . .
  • Vq27zn873?file=thumbnail
    Roering, Daniela
    The report was commissioned to portray results and recommendations regarding the development of an effective marketing strategy for the start-up company Ground 2 Table within the CSUSM capstone project. I was assigned to help implement a marketing pla . . .
  • Cr56n129p?file=thumbnail
    Reyes, Klarisa
    The hospitality/hotel industry has always been and will continue to be driven by customer revenue. To sustain its growth, it is crucial that hotel operators use their current data to better understand their customers as a benefit for success. Accordin . . .
  • Qf85nb62g?file=thumbnail
    Flores, Sheela
    Within the next 15 years, demand for air travel in Southern California is predicted to surpass the capacity of its airports. This report is the third in a series of Master’s projects focusing on the construction of a new Southern California Internatio . . .
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    Soundararajan, Thilak Raj
    Shoulder surfing is the process of stealing one’s personal information such as personal identification number or password by looking over the victim’s shoulder. Nowadays, a hacker can use a video camera to actively record a user entering the password . . .
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    Annapragada, Laxmi Subhamkar
    Promoter sequences are the main regulatory elements of gene expression. The accurate prediction of promoters remains a challenge because the key DNA regulatory regions have variable structures, but their recognition by computer algorithms is fundament . . .
  • 7s75dc78g?file=thumbnail
    Maheshwari, Aastha
    The world is getting advanced, and it becomes our responsibility to be on the same pace as the world. With the increase in the amount of data, it is becoming difficult to accommodate everything in our brain in a small span of time. Data Visualization . . .
  • Sj139245q?file=thumbnail
    Panneer Selvam, Pratima
    During medical emergencies, patients are often shunted from hospital to hospital due to lack of ICU beds leading to loss of many lives. Also crucial time is lost calling up every individual blood bank trying to find blood of the required group in an e . . .
  • 41687h88c?file=thumbnail
    Panchal, Jalanilbhai
    The use of Smartphones and its complementary technologies like wearable devices have gained immense momentum over the decade, which has led to their vast amount of use in various daily activities. On top of that, the new technologies plus their variou . . .
  • Fx719m836?file=thumbnail
    Pandiri, Venkat Shiva
    This project carried out a systematic investigation to predict the final price of each home using machine learning techniques. Various machine learning techniques such as multiple linear regression (base model), random forest regression and polynomial . . .
  • Ww72bb93g?file=thumbnail
    Ramamurthy, Kishore
    An Annotation is a metadatum (comment, explanation) attached to a specific section of a document (text, image, video or other formats) after it has been created. Annotations have been used in several fields such as literature and education, software e . . .
  • Np193947n?file=thumbnail
    Pabbaraju, Akhila
    Mobile health describes the use of portable electronic devices with software applications to provide health services and manage patient information. With almost 5 billion mobile phone users in the world, health care providers and researchers are reali . . .
  • 3x816n09c?file=thumbnail
    Tan, Andrea
    Cyber Scavenger is a map-based application created for the CyberQUEST project that allows teachers to set learning goals for class trips before bringing students to the fieldtrip. The existing application is geared more towards a classroom based envir . . .
  • 9k41zd93b?file=thumbnail
    Cronin, Timothy
    This paper describes a system that automatically tags unstructured medical records using the Naïve Bayes and Decision Tree algorithms for a variety of risk factors and patient medical history indicators. Additional natural language processing techniqu . . .
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    Montes, Elizabeth
    Proteins are large biological molecules of long polymers of amino acid residues, typically containing thousands of atoms and consisting of a uniform repetitive backbone and variable side chains attached to each residue. They fold into complex 3D struc . . .
  • Nv935326b?file=thumbnail
    Lin, Yunxi
    The genome of a haptophyte was sequenced using the next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology. 18 billion base pairs high quality sequence data from NGS platform, HiSeq 2000, was assembled into scaffolds by using different tools including ABySS, Velv . . .
  • N583xv56x?file=thumbnail
    Nejati, Sina
    The goal of this project is to provide an open source solution for physical therapy with Kinect. In order to achieve that, we have designed and implemented a multi-layered application that will act as a portal for patients and therapists. This applica . . .