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    Hattier, Charlene
    Abstract Art as a Tool for Communication: The Importance of Social Justice Art Curriculum By Charlene Hattier Master of Art in Art, Art Education The general question to be investigated is, “How do educators address difficult, controversial topics of . . .
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    Villasenor, Marlene
    Family-school relations and parental involvement in education have been identified as ways to close the gaps in achievement (Hill & Tyson, 2009), and there is considerable evidence that they positively impact academic success for most students (Hender . . .
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    Nishikawa, Makoto
    In determining the scope interpretations of quantifiers, linguists follow the view that the one which is “leftmost” in the surface structure is interpreted to have the highest scope. Many linguists have posited left-right order as the determining fact . . .
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    Mandel, Jerrold L.
    This study represents an attempt to assess the relationship between unclear communication and deviant behavior. It was hypothesized that as stimuli became less discriminable, and the consequences of responses became less predictable, behavior would be . . .
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    Kalantari, Parvanch
    The purpose of this study was to investigate opinions held by diabetic patients concerning diet and disease. Data were gathered using a questionnaire. Twenty-five diabetic patients who were hospitalized at Whittier Hospital, Whittier, California, resp . . .
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    Monroe, Marlisa Jeanine
    Jean Cocteau (1889-1963) was a highly creative and artistically diverse individual. His talents were expressed in every field of art, and in each field he was successful. The diversity of his talent defies traditional categorization and makes it diffi . . .
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    Johnson, Alex M.
    Habitat fragmentation plays a major role in species extinction and the loss of biodiversity around the globe. When fragmentation occurs, the initial loss of overall habitat alone causes species extirpation. However, species that survive this initial l . . .
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    Ramirez, Rebecca
    ABSTRACT A MEZZO'S JOURNEY: MUSIC THROUGH LANGUAGE AND TIME A GRADUATE VOICE RECITAL by Rebecca Isela Ramirez Master of Music in Music, Performance The repertoire for my voice recital is a representation of music through time, guided by language. Thro . . .
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    Villa, Mayra
    Background and purpose: Domestic Violence has become a nationwide problem, affecting communities of all races, socioeconomic statuses, educational levels, and geographical settings. However, some groups may be especially vulnerable as they may encount . . .
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    Vahed, Mahdis
    Studies have noted that children's clothing industry poses great risks and problems due to the cyclical nature of fashion (Chen &Wei, 2012; Islam ,2017). This research is focused on the identification of materials and dyes used in production of child . . .