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    Haskell, Candace Michelle
    This thesis demonstrates how Adrienne Rich's poetry has identified and given voice to women's experiences within the institutions of marriage and motherhood. After exploring the physical, emotional and spiritual consequences of entrapment with sociall . . .
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    Ayyannagari, Abhishek
    The generation of power at the point of consumption is referred to as DG. It can be any source with a generation capacity of 10MW or less. With increase in concerns for protection of the environment from the pollution caused by thermal plants etc., th . . .
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    Graduate project
    Ladner, Emil S.
    INTRODUCTION. "In union there is strength� may be an old saying but it is still true today. An organization of the deaf cannot be effective unless it has a very large membership which supplies the finances and manpower needed for the realization of it . . .
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    Santos, Miriam
    Purpose: The focus of the study is on the response and symptoms of counselors when treating clients who have experienced Posttraumatic Stress Disorder related to sexual abuse. Research question: The research question discusses the connection between t . . .
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    Hamamura, JoAnn Tadakuma
    The elderly population comprise the largest group of persons using the cardiac glycoside digoxin, which is prescribed for the treatment of congestive heart failure. The elderly also are encouraged to increase their dietary fiber intake to regulate int . . .
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    Hern, Roland Lee
    The objective of this thesis is to present the reader with the latest advances in home automation technologies with an emphasis on security. The X10/INSTEON, Z-Wave and ZigBee/XBee technologies are examined for their usefulness in constructing a subsc . . .
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    Ricks, Laura K.
    The effect of variance of data, horizontal scale size, and the quantity of data points plotted, on trend estimation accuracy was examined using two graph sizes as pictorial displays. A factorial design was employed using two groups of eighteen subject . . .
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    Cantre, Benjamin
    This graduate project seeks to find a relationship between the Transformational Leadership style has on stress among employees. This project aims to study the perceived stress experienced by Social Workers from the In-Home Supportive Service district . . .
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    Dubin, Diane Elaine
    The sculpture that comprises the group "confrontations" is really a highly personal statement related to my identity. This body of work comes primarily from the emotional part of me and is a result of personal experiences and related feelings I have h . . .
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    Altschuler, Sam
    S-180 ascites tumor cells were treated with various reagents which induce polymerization of intracellular actin in other cell types. S-180 cells were used because they have short actin microfilaments, no long actin bundles and weakly-structured surfac . . .