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  • Th83m0359?file=thumbnail
    Vo, Don
    This thesis is an attempt to develop mathematically consistent procedures to perform Three-Dimensional (3-D) matrix math. 3-D matrix operations for Right-multiplication, Left-multiplication, Left-Identity, Right-Identity, Left-Inverse, Right-Inverse, . . .
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    Walden, George
    Tortuosity is an intuitive term used to describe paths on the plane that exhibit multiple twists and turns. It is used in a variety of applications as a measure of how much a path deviates from a straight line, especially to analyze images. However, u . . .
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    Stafford, Emery
    In this paper, we introduce the reader to the graph labeling question in the setting of quantum mechanics. We formally define an edge weight of a graph G and use it to develop the general labeling number. We derive some elementary results about this . . .
  • B5644s45n?file=thumbnail
    Silva, Jennifer Ann
    Teaching Algebraic Manipulations to Students with Disabilities A non-symbolic methodology was designed, and field tested for solving algebra and geometry problems within a special education high school mathematics classroom and then compared to the . . .
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    Bennett, David
    Paraffin wax tea light candles and ethanol-fuel candles are ignited within an enclosed, plexiglass and glass environment in an attempt to create a model of burn time before self-extinction of various candles regardless of type, size, and the volume an . . .
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    Tran, Chinh
    A tiling is a covering of the plane with non-overlapping figures that have no holes between them. For centuries, civilizations have incorporated both the complexity as well as aesthetic properties of tilings into their art and everyday lives. No matte . . .
  • 3b591953m?file=thumbnail
    Topolinski, Katrina
    There are many components in the movement of horses that can be mathematically modeled. In this research we have classified footprint patterns of various strides and found an analytical family of curves describing simple jumps. This approach is differ . . .
  • 8w32r6362?file=thumbnail
    Wyels, Cynthia
    An unproven claim is that all trees may be gracefully labeled. However there are some special classes of trees that are proven to have graceful labelings. A path is the simplest form of a tree, and it has been proven that all paths can be gracefully l . . .