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    Shisgal, Preston
    Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers among women and is responsible for ~14% of cancer mortality in women. Critically the tumor microenvironment and specifically the stromal portion is increasingly being recognized as a critical factor in c . . .
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    Black, Ariel
    This project is designed to inform counselors in the field of Marriage and Family Therapy about the onset and maintenance of Anorexia Nervosa. Graduate students, interns, trainees, and professors in the field may use this project to gather information . . .
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    Yeung, Elaine Sui-Ping
    To have any appreciable sense of this world, one must first have a reasonable sense of self and a sense of oneself in relation to the world. While responding to one's surroundings through one's sensibilities, it is possible to develop a more mature un . . .
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    Saatjian, Takouhey
    This thesis explores the evolution and process of developing a Facebook page for connecting families with their children's early care and learning center. Videos, photos, and informative subject matter were posted for parents and extended family membe . . .
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    Wu, Yat-Mun
    The light adjustment system for the project is intended for use in a modern home to provide the appropriate light intensity in different working areas. The light source under the control of this system is capable of delivering different levels of ligh . . .
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    Jowhshaghani, Hossein Modarresi
    The purpose of this study is to introduce the design concept of tapered structural members. At present , there exists a variety of books and papers about this subject which go into depth however there are not many books available regarding application . . .
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    Ryan, Ramon Ostin
    Gambusia affinis affinis (mosquito fish) were subjected to various temperatures, ranging from 5° to 39°C. Red Tubifex worms were provided to them and the amount they consumed over a 24-hour period was recorded. All environmental conditions other than . . .
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    Sahota, Doris Elisabeth
    This study seeks to evaluate the needs of re-entering (nontraditional) women students at Oxnard College from the viewpoint of services provided by the College during the 1985 - 1986 school terms. It evaluates services recommended for future semesters. . . .
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    Yomtov, Dani
    The purpose of this study was to examine the effectiveness of a university peer mentoring program at a 4-year university in Southern California. Previous studies suggest that university peer mentoring can promote favorable academic and social outcomes . . .
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    Tillman, Lee H.
    The current research sought to examine the relationship between ethnicity and ratings of trustworthiness and intelligence. It also sought to examine the relationship between implicit and explicit perceptions of African American political candidates an . . .