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    Cardot, James Otis
    The objective of this thesis was to investigate the hypothesis that the attainment of a Master's Degree in Business Administration is more beneficial than attainment of an advanced engineering degree for the engineer who is assigned the responsibiliti . . .
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    Jones, Bonnie Lynne
    The "Egg and Rope Series" evolved as a synthesis of ideas, conscious and unconscious, molded into an expression through a conceptual and physical act, involving materials, space and time. My intention was to utilize two seemingly unrelated objects, th . . .
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    Chen, Kailin
    The repertoire for my recital includes a range of pieces from the Romantic era to the twentieth century. Some of the genres include Italian art song, German lied, French mélodie, the English art song, and opera arias. These were present in the same ti . . .
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    Konow, Andrea Ilene
    The purpose of this study was to design and test an instrument capable of empirically measuring positive attitudinal responses to outdoor recreation environments. This research was exploratory in nature. The instrument consisted of an audio-visual sli . . .
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    Hannah, Gerald D.
    In searching for a subject that would be both stimulating in appearance and provocative in imaginative response, I selected the Carrousel. In justifying this choice one could reflect on the romantic vision of a baroque menagerie frozen in an eternal p . . .
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    Zdunski, Robert
    The goal of this project is to provide a 6-axis Aircraft Attitude Indicator solution based on Android OS and cutting edge MPU-6000 chip by Invensense. Mentor Graphics emerging Inflexion UI technology to create 3D environment for Android devices has be . . .
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    Murali, Akila
    The advent of technology has completely revolutionized the healthcare industry and made it possible to treat rare and incurable diseases using engineering. Digitalization is making it much easier to monitor, medicate and treat patients using assistive . . .
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    Pucci, Jolene R.
    Invasive plants threaten native biodiversity and ecosystem function. Non-native plants can out-compete native plants for resources, reducing population sizes. For rare species, this can increase the chances of extinction. Pentachaeta lyonii is an enda . . .
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    Zaharov, Eugene
    The concept of Management Information System (MIS) as used within this thesis refers to a defined set of procedures accomplished manually or with the aid of automated equipment whereby data is collected and processed to provide the management of an or . . .
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    Choi, Pyung Ja
    This study was designed to assess nutritional knowledge of elderly Korean men and women, their meal patterns, and their use of American versus traditional Korean foods. This researcher interviewed with 50 elderly Korean men and 50 elderly Korean women . . .