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  • Vt150j62m?file=thumbnail
    Chapman, Erik
    Organizations often expand exponentially before realizing the need for security based on the many, well publicized breaches, incidents, and outages. This Semester-In-Residence project developed the security framework for a well-known international spo . . .
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    Brooks, Henry III
    This paper presents a working implementation of a cyber security test bed with a focus on automating the process of generating reproducible and consistent lab environments for cyber security education.
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    Cowart, Charles
    Medical records processing for clinical purposes are a topic of increasing importance and interest. Prior work has broken the problem down into a number of smaller problems; these include the identification of medical problems, treatments, and tests, . . .
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    Ho, Hieu Trong
    Many websites use CAPTCHA to defend against malicious automated programs from performing abusive tasks such as illegitimate account registration. CAPTCHA is widely used on commercial websites as a Human Interactive Proofs (HIP) system due to its simpl . . .
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    Edmonston, Chad
    Abstract Motivation: Small RNAs play an important role in regulating post-transcription gene expression. Trans-acting (ta-siRNAs) are a specific type of small RNA that inhibits gene expression in plants. The ta-siRNAs have the characteristics of typic . . .
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    Webb, Jason
    As mobile devices evolve to become more sophisticated, users obtain a greater portion of their information from these devices. Museums are trying to capitalize on this trend to stay relevant and meet the needs of how mobile device users consume inform . . .
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    Karthik, Srilakshmi
    Identification of named entities in medical records is important for doing further analysis of clinical notes to extract meaningful information from the records. Biomedical Named entity identification is a non-trivial problem as the accuracy of the na . . .
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    Alhajjaj, Laith
    Lesson plans are essential in the DREAM project success. They are provided to help teachers to successfully implement the DREAM methodologies, also to include visual arts and theater activities in their lesson plans. The DREAM Lesson Plan application . . .
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    Neal, Elisha
    The Basic Local Alignment Search Tool (BLAST) [ ] algorithm is one of the most commonly used algorithms within the field of Bioinformatics. Recent advances in sequencing technologies have vastly increased the amount of genomic data available to resear . . .
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    Kurczynski, Brodie
    The use of electronic medical records has allowed medical records to be preserved longer and become much easier to access and share. Although they have become easier to access, being able to access records with information that is relevant to a user's . . .