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    Ramirez Magana, Bertha Adriana
    Our research study pertains to the investigation of the effectiveness of parenting education courses among Latino parents. Specifically our research question states, “According to professionals in the field of Health and Human Services, does attending . . .
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    Curnutt, Kellie Anne
    Military Sexual Trauma (MST) is a term used by the Department of Defense to describe sexual assault and harassment. MST has negative consequences that include the degradation of morale, health, and family. MST has been present during all wars and conf . . .
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    Jujjavarapu, Lavanya
    The main focus of this project is to enable users to detect inconsistencies in firewall rules and to help resolve them. Consistency refers to the fact that any possible packet should not receive different fates in the same firewall or in the same netwo . . .
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    Karamballi, Raghavendra Rao
    Web ponder, an open school management network is an Android based mobile application (app). This application provides an educational network for students who are studying from class K-8. This application follows Process-oriented schooling, by incorpor . . .
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    Kaveri Venkat JD, VijayVenkatesh
    One of the important concepts in the field of storage is RAID. In practical life, major features to deal with are, to create different levels of RAID in the physical drives through controllers and to test the performance of those RAID levels. Usually, . . .
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    Kemp, Sharisse L.
    The issues of media and gender have long been a major area of research in media studies. Studies have focused on the way minority women have been portrayed, paying little attention to how these images affect their self-perception. In this study, the r . . .
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    Dunbar, Jon De Paul
    The study examined how religious frameworks act as obstacles to the healthy self-identity development/self-disclosure of LGBTQ individuals. A non-probability, purposive sample was utilized to collect data from 25 self-identified LGBTQ undergraduate/gr . . .
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    Johnson, Arianne
    Mentally ill women are the largest growing inmate population, have high recidivism rates, and have different needs than their male counterparts. This group is grossly under-represented in the literature and requires more attention. This Community Reso . . .
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    Johnson, Dezarae L.
    Statement of Problem How does the functionality of dual-earning households effect the quality of relationships within families with children, and what is the impact on child and adolescent moral, social and educational development? Parent and children . . .
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    Reese, Nicole
    Autobiographical writing and close reading are vehicles for self-discovery and the creation of meaning. This project incorporates and blends those vehicles through the inclusion of three pieces of creative nonfiction (autobiography/memoir) and my anal . . .