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    Dhaliwal, Tristin
    In this paper, I will defend the claim that out of respect for their autonomy, patients with severe eating disorders should have the right to refuse medical treatment, even while in imminent danger. I'll be addressing the history and causes of eating . . .
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    Fenelon, Mikhael
    This research compares the experience of loneliness for student commuters and campus residents at Cal Poly Pomona. Previous literature showed that new college students were generally lonelier due to the drastic change from high school to college. Whil . . .
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    Alvarado, Marina
    Student leaders have increased responsibilities compared to their peers due to the positions they hold. First-generation college students may carry additional responsibilities due to their perceived lack of resources or compounding minoritized identit . . .
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    Hernandez, Edwin
    Objective Treating substance use disorder as a criminal policy first-United States of America's War on Drugs- has created a revolving door of sick individuals who are being criminally punished for having a mental disorder. Mental disorder as describ . . .
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    Piceno, Viviana
    Latinx are often exposed to ethnic discrimination in academic settings that may impact feelings of belonging, grades and overall well-being. Latinx with a strong sense of familismo, as seen in previous literature, are better equipped to cope with disc . . .
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    Munoz, Geovani
    Family plays a crucial role in the psychological well-being of individuals. Specifically, in Latina/o/x families, the bond and cohesion between family members may serve as a component for positive psychological well-being. Studies on Latina/o/x famili . . .
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    Martinez, Zachary
    Transgender individuals experience significantly more stress than cisgender people do in various aspects of life from childhood trauma to discrimination in school systems to workplace discrimination and even in healthcare (Grant et al., 2011 ). Accord . . .
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    Garcia, Tyler
    Scientific reasoning is an important skill that defines the development of claims and explanations from observed evidence. However, these skills are not often explicitly taught in schools and no significant gains have been reported over a period of a . . .
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    Zhang, Zijie
    Activation of small molecules like CO, N2 or NO is could harness new chemistry with underutilized starting materials and offer insight towards biological reduction mechanisms. The fundamental interactions between metals and NO could be elucidated with . . .
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    Arreaga, Briana
    Nitrous oxide is a greenhouse gas that has only been increasing due to human activity and fossil fuel combustion. The importance of nitrous oxide is that it has a warming potential of 298 times that of carbon dioxide thus aiding in the deterioration o . . .