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    Alexander, Jennifer W.
    With the sudden, rapid rise in the number of students diagnosed with special needs, educators and administrators are developing ways to facilitate the development of interpersonal skills and a deeper engagement with the curriculum. Implementing art ed . . .
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    Bakke, Audri
    With No Child Left Behind pushing schools and teachers to improve annual state test scores to show student proficiency, students have suffered from a narrowing of curriculum in order to push students through the standards before testing. Many teachers . . .
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    Peurifoy, Christopher Steven
    ABSTRACT THE EFFICIENCY OF A LOW COST 2-D INERTIAL NAVIGATION SYSTEM by © Christopher Steven Peurifoy 2010 Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering Computer Engineering Option California State University, Chico Spring 2010 An inertial . . .
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    Wallace, Ginamarie R.
    Traditionally, emotion was viewed as something occurring only within individuals with those emotions being expressed outwards. Emotion is now being recognized as having relational and embodied components outside of the individual. Emotion as multiface . . .
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    Letellier, Charlotte
    Representations of queer relationships in literature are often put in the subtext of works, rather than explicitly addressed. Using Passing by Nella Larsen, Winter’s Bone by Daniel Woodrell, and The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, I am examining queer subte . . .
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    Kirkpatrick, Keaton R.
    Embedded mentors are trained students who are placed directly into courses to support student learning. While embedded support models are becoming increasingly common, little empirical research has been done to understand who embedded mentors are, wha . . .
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    King, Kelsey Michelle Jessica
    New teachers of composition have a lot to gain from developing a critically reflective stance about their teaching. If they can learn to intentionally engage in reflective practices which emphasize student success in relation to their course objective . . .
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    Keables, Jeanette M.
    When We Must Walk in Darkness is a memoir beginning with a Critical Introduction, followed by a collection of vignettes, each one representing a significant moment after my son Tyler’s 2002 near-fatal motorcycle accident. In the Critical Introduction, . . .
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    Huso, Emily
    Invasion of the Bees and Other Stories is a collection of short stories and flash fictions that explore themes of paternal absence and neglect, female distrust of men, relationship discord, self-sabotage, and various forms of abuse. Firmly footed in t . . .
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    Gibaldi, Mary
    In literary worlds, as in the actual world, women are often left without a space to call their own. Obliged instead to navigate men’s societal structures and homes, female characters naturally respond to the spaces they inhabit differently than their . . .