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    Mapp, Casey
    Research has suggested that higher self-efficacy is associated with not only greater improvements to mood following exercise, but also less perceived exertion during exercise. Though differences between gender and ethnicity have been reported in behav . . .
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    Abkarian, Meleeah
    Abstract Graduate Voice Recital By Meleeah Abkarian Master of Music in Music, in Performance My recital repertoire exemplifies the varying compositional styles of different eras. The various styles in each set are further distinguished by different la . . .
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    Lu, David
    In most games today there is some sort of artificial intelligence involved. Some of these artificial intelligent Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) [8] require memory structures to store locations of objects in their virtual environment. The type of memor . . .
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    Heenan, Barry
    Although Henry James was a successful novelist, he was unable to attain similar success in writing for the theatre. The American (1891), a dramatization of his novel, ran for just seventy performances in London, and Guy Domville (1895) was a total fai . . .
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    Rotolo, Jason
    When a brilliant but troubled cop investigates the murder of a cruise ship captain on Catalina Island, she must find her faith in justice and wade through an ocean of lies, only to discover that the killer is someone she thought she could trust. When . . .
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    Rearick, Terrence Louis
    Self-mutilation, although rare, is a devastating sort of psychopathology. Seen primarily in an institutional setting, the impulse to ignore it must be resisted. Presented here, is a review of the literature. There has been an attempt to organize the i . . .
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    Belikian, Les
    In the following thesis, employing an assemblage-theoretical approach, and addressing a particularly canonical rhetorical text, I investigate the prospects for conceptualizing rhetorical agency as producing social change. I propose, drawing on current . . .
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    Lyden, Eric
    This thesis is an attempt to survey and bring into perspective the field of poetry therapy as it is currently found. The third chapter develops a set of poetry therapy exercises suitable for adjunctive use in group or individual settings. There is no . . .
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    Zumstein, John
    This essay enters the ongoing disciplinary debate regarding the place of literature in the composition classroom, with special emphasis on first-year college college composition courses. Drawing on the work of past scholars, as well as on my own field . . .
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    Valentine, Shayler
    Perhaps one of the most pervasively harmful and increasingly prevalent public health concerns facing United States citizens in modern times is untreated anxiety disorders. When treated, especially at early onset, anxiety disorders can be effectively m . . .
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    Tarne, Diane Dorothy
    Nutritional adequacy of the diets of white, black, and Spanish-American clients of the Los Angeles Regional Family Planning Council was evaluated in terms of the 1979 Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA). A total of 142 clients was surveyed. All were . . .
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    Valentino, Michael John
    In a conventional bearing one race is fixed, while the other race rotates. However, in a contra-rotating bearing the inner race rotates in one direction and the outer race rotates in the opposite direction. The advantages of the contra-rotating bearin . . .
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    Beck, Heather
    This study explored the current apparel and textile industry's labeling practices within the United States. The purpose of this research study was to develop a barcode labeling system in order to assist consumers' pre and post eco-product consumption. . . .
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    Bowman, Michael
    When Nova, a talented field operative for the Central Intelligence Agency, is sent on a mission to Hong Kong to steal corporate secrets, she runs when she learns that the plans she acquires are those of her sister's invention of a virtual reality inte . . .
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    Golchin, Frough
    The labors of vision create the view of a world in which persistence and change act as eternal antagonists. Changes are perceived as mere accidentals of underlying persistent identity, but perception also reveals constancy as the shortsighted look of . . .
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    Dey, Aniruddha
    A Matlab simulation modelling was performed in this project to observe the effects of twodimensional electron gases in Aluminum Gallium Nitride (AlxGa1 -xN) /Gallium Nitride (GaN) based heterojunction. These heterostructures are suitable for high elec . . .
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    Hinnrichs, Michele
    This thesis describes the physics, design and development of a solid state imaging system utilizing linear photodiode arrays for the 61 cm solar telescope and spectroheliograph at the San Fernando Solar Observatory. The system was developed in two sta . . .
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    Leonard, Garrett
    The objective of this project is to improve the accuracy of the Global Positioning System (GPS) on the Brain Computer Interface (BCI) Wheelchair at California State University, Northridge. In optimal conditions, the GPS can have an accuracy of one or . . .
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    Smith, Sharon Faye Ronning
    The Problem: Existing programs or curriculums do not adequately provide direction for adapted physical educators to carry out their responsibilities in working with CVA individuals in health care facilities or community based programs. The Purpose: Th . . .
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    Loeb, Sarina
    Living in the residence halls can have a tremendous impact on students' involvement and persistence in college, yet there has been limited research on the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) students living in the residence h . . .
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    Henkin, Elissa Joy
    The result of this graduate project is an eight-hour training seminar for supervisors and managers of employees labeled mentally retarded who work in competitive employment settings. The training curriculum includes: (1) discussion of participant perc . . .
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    Goudey, Dale Alan
    The problem of processing measured data for use with the Kalman filter is considered. Specifically, the problem is that of tracking an airborne target with measurements obtained by radar. The direction observation and filtering processes are investiga . . .
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    Skryha, Bryan Wilson
    Systematic desensitization and progressive relaxation were compared as to their effectiveness in alleviating test anxiety, in improving examination performance, and in reducing general anxiety in test anxious college students. Sixty students served as . . .
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    Cortez, Beatriz
    My work explores the human condition at the intersection of issues such as war and immigration, where race, class, ethnicity, and culture contribute to the complex portrayal of human experience. As human beings we are vulnerable to the violence that w . . .
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    Hansen, Anne Moloney
    The wives of corporate executives are often asked to relocate because of their husbands' career. This presents many problems for the wife and her family. These problems could be eased if the company initiating the relocation would spend time educating . . .
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    Portillo, Diana
    In this graduate project, the strategies and resources for using drawing as a prewriting strategy are presented. While many students struggle with writing coherent stories, drawing as a prewriting strategy improves students' writing performance. Follo . . .
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    Thorman, Stephen Craig
    A procedure was developed for the production of doubly subtracted magnetograms at the San Fernando Observatory, CSUN. This new technique represents a substantial improvement over the standard Leighton technique of photographic subtraction by reducing . . .
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    Ibaven, Yvette
    Re-entry programs have been a part of the corrections system for years, and the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation comprise a variety of programs that prepare prisoners that are newly released or soon to be released. Legislation r . . .
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    Dunford, Stephen James
    Network Optimization for Beginners (NOB) is a Computer Aided Instruction (CAI) package of programs that utilizes graphics, graph theory and networking algorithms to demonstrate network optimization. NOB is designed to aid beginning or advanced student . . .
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    Hoover, Pearl Rollings
    The epidemiology of pupil recordable accidents has been investigated in a junior high school by examining relationship among selected variables. The data were obtained from pupil recordable accident reports over a period of three years. The greatest n . . .
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    Graduate project
    Corbett, Edward E.
    This study is intended for parents of deaf children so that they might see what deaf people say about the problems of deafness. It is also intended to prepare parents for the ramifications of deafness. Another reason for this study is to enhance paren . . .
  • V118rj11r?file=thumbnail
    Cohen, Reut
    This study sought to explore how social media marketing practices have the potential to impact student engagement, which is linked to student success, at the community college level. The research leveraged 16 interviews with student participants withi . . .
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    Patel, Kantilal M.
    The purpose of this project is to study optimum weight design for the nonprestressed structure, using “compatibility analysis”. The result is then compared with the determinant case. A structural system is described by a set of quantities, some of whi . . .
  • Qv33s1035?file=thumbnail
    Gerston, Richard Daniel
    This paper deals with the degree and nature of the clustering of Jews in cities of the United States. Jewish families migrated in large numbers to neighborhoods of American cities around 1900, and continued to live in close association, as they had in . . .
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    David, Kyla Janel
    Completing coursework in adapted aquatic therapeutic exercise is a rewarding yet intimidating experience. Through the instruction of lecture, lab, and the use of a hardcopy manual, students are expected to learn a variety of techniques and apply them . . .
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    Sinclair, Linda
    This paper presents an overview of the history of the Admissions and Records Office at California State University, Northridge. The development of the office is traced through its organization and the duties of its officers. The functions of the offic . . .
  • W6634709z?file=thumbnail
    Gerber, Elizabeth Leighton
    My thesis project, LA: Observing the Urban - Rural, is a series of monuments I have installed in various locations throughout Los Angeles County, in particular sites where urban and rural environments meet. While each monument varies depending on the . . .
  • P2677012d?file=thumbnail
    Baker, Donnetta
    Violence, discrimination, neglect, and rejection from family members are contributing factors to why Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning (LGBTQ) youth are introduced to the child welfare system. There are over 400,000 children in foste . . .
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    Altuchow, Nicholas
    Statistics indicate that the revenue from outpatient services plays a significant role in the financial viability of many hospitals and with the financial pressure of inflation, competition and third-party reimbursements will continue to do so to an e . . .
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    McMaster, Michael Alan
    I was employed at the Pacific Missile Test Center as the Flight Test Engineer on the SHRIKE missile between July 1975 and June 1976. During this period I conducted a Navy Technical Evaluation and an Initial Operational Test and Evaluation (NTE/IOT&E) . . .
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    Keelapudi, Balasubramaniyam
    This study concentrates on analytical modeling of silicon carbide MESFET device using MATH Lab software. In this study, an analytical simulation has been proposed to find the characteristics of SIC MESFET, firstly the complete theory and physics of th . . .
  • Fj236570x?file=thumbnail
    Sixbey, Michael C.
    It seems to me there are two basic categories into which one could place information on craftsmen or artists: philosophy and technique. And so, perhaps I should divide this abstract into, first, a statement on my philosophy, and second, a statement on . . .
  • Dr26z1752?file=thumbnail
    Castillo, Katrina
    My work is inspired by personal observations and experience. I am interested in how people choose to express and present themselves to others, either through clothing, things they collect or how they choose to display their home. Shelter culture also . . .
  • Gb19f908t?file=thumbnail
    Ceja, Jennifer
    Although many Latino parents plan for their children to attend college, they may not always know how and when to start preparing. This project was designed for Latino parents with little to no academic experiences who are consequently unable to guide . . .
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    Sanchez, Lizbeth
    Performance The repertoire of my recital takes us through a journey of emotion, each different from the next. Da chiaro a scuro, from light to dark, is a metaphor for how each song travels from beginning to end. They give us a contrast of emotions. So . . .
  • C247dw81j?file=thumbnail
    Ozery, Daphna
    The main purpose of this study was to explore the relationship between empathy and altruism by using the Empathy and Caring Questionnaire which was developed specifically for this study. This study was further seeking to examine whether there are age . . .
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    Avila, Jairo
    This thesis examines the chemical characteristics of red paints from eight different rock art sites at the Agua Dulce Village, an Early-Middle Period site located between the networks of the Southern California Coast and the Western Great Basin. By us . . .