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  • G732dd77q?file=thumbnail
    Zhao, Zinan
    Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) has been known to cause serious environmental problems and significant economic loss. Chlorella Vulgaris is a type of algae found in both freshwater and marine environments and has been widely connected wit . . .
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    Gallegos, Logan
    Recent developments in solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) technology have resulted in low operating temperatures (600 - 900?C) for SOFCs, allowing for the replacement of expensive ceramic interconnects with lower-cost metallic alloys. UNS S43000, a ferritic . . .
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    Kasnakjian, Shahan
    Austenitic 304L Stainless Steel (UNS S30403) is used in a broad range of industries including chemical processing and medicine. Due to its wide application coupled with excellent weldability, UNS S30403 is a favorable candidate for additive manufactur . . .
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    Robles, Kevin
    The corrosion behavior of additively manufactured Al-10 wt% Si-0.5 wt% Mg ("AISi10Mg") produced by the laser powder bed fusion technique was investigated. The AISi10Mg was built utilizing recycled powders. Two sets of build parameters were employed. B . . .
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    Benoun, Jacob
    The demand for new and innovative energy storage technologies is a pressing concern as the need to provide power conflicts with protecting the environment. Supercapacitor technology is an essential part of the solution by allowing recovery of otherwis . . .
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    Ury, Nicholas
    Aluminum oxide (alumina)-forming alloys are widely used in high temperature applications, such as gas turbines or heating elements, owing to their exceptional oxidation resistance. In nickel-base alloys, there is a critical amount of aluminum and chro . . .
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    Veronese, Connor
    Concentrated solar power (CSP) technology is a promising route to renewable energy generation. In a commercial CSP plant, thermal energy is stored in a molten salt and continues to provide power in the absence of sunlight. Chloride salt mixtures have . . .
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    Lyman, Tyler
    Aerodynamic forces and moments are often uncertain loads acting on aerospace structures. For example, free-stream airspeed or gust speed can have some uncertainties which cause uncertainty in aerodynamic loads, and consequently, cause uncertainty in t . . .
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    Valdezotto, Ryan
    As the application of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) have increased in the military, commercial and private sectors, special attention has been focused on improving long endurance performance. Therefore, under a multi-year, multi-discipline senior pro . . .
  • T722hd61k?file=thumbnail
    Zhang, Yongyuan
    The paper explores the methods of accelerating the pair-HMM and Smith-Waterman Algorithms to calculate the similarity scores of two sequences. It allows inputs of two sequences and the driver will translate it into integer array and send the data to F . . .