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    Meza, Ana Veronica
    This thesis examines the relationship of Art Education and ESL students' language development. ESL students struggle to acquire the English language for a variety of reasons. Reaching proficiency in the English language takes time to develop. With the . . .
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    Kelly, Sean Daniel
    Mythic Landscapes is a multi-component sculptural installation of ceramic objects that operate together as imaginary environments. The sculpted forms within the work range from abstract plants to quasi-architectural geologic structures. The objects ar . . .
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    Bilderback, Leslie Reed
    Like painting, sculpture, architecture, music, literature, poetry, theater, and dance, fine cooking is beautiful, symbolic, and representational. It elicits emotion, expresses narrative, and gives insight into culture. Careful study reveals the tandem . . .
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    Ildefonso, John Manuel
    My paintings serve as contemporary interpretations of casta paintings and explore the impact and transfer of the Colonial class system in Mexico, as documented by the casta paintings, to contemporary class systems in the United States, specifically in . . .
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    Miranda, Bianka Lorena
    This project report explores my collection of paintings. I have been influenced by a number of literatures that I have encountered in my adult years. A few of the ones that I will be discussing include “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak, “T . . .
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    Mejia, Frank
    My Master's` thesis is an installation. I replicated a brick wall with a window like the opening from my grandmother's house. Behind the window there will be a slowly melting wax figure, signifying change. The concept behind the work is how memory is . . .
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    Vargas, Carlos
    Cultural Collision is an exhibition investigating the fusion of religions and multicultural elements with emphasis on the Hindu Indian culture. My work combines my own past identity fused together with my new found cultural and religious identity. The . . .
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    Sun, Jing
    The primary purpose of my research is to visually represent what can be regarded as a traditional Chinese thinking system and artistic style. This is to gain a deeper understanding of typical problem-solving processes of the Chinese culture. Through t . . .
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    Seymour, Nicole
    Activists today strive to educate the public about climate change, but sociologists have found that the more we know about alarming issues, the less likely we are to act. Meanwhile, environmentalists have acquired a reputation as gloom-and-doom killjo . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Crane, Christine
    The small, Middle Eastern, emirate of Qatar is economically advanced and internationally respected. It is ruled by the hereditary Al Thani monarchy who promote modernist goals (nationalism, central authority, moral superiority) within a regional narra . . .