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    Rodriguez, Anne H
    The purpose of this project is to explore the repertoire available for the wind band medium. In the author's studies, a question often asked by fellow students studying music education was, "what kind of works are available to program for our future s . . .
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    Shaw, Caitlin
    This study aims to break down the fear associated with nonmetric music and give conductors a way to approach conducting choral nonmetric music. Most of conducting education is spent on metric music. While metric music encompasses a vast majority of th . . .
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    Estrada, Christopher Jesus
    The purpose of this project is to identify the educational value in each selected piece and discuss what technical and musical demands they make on the ensemble playing it. The conductor should choose elements within each piece that can be used to gui . . .
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    Barr, Dustin
    Expressive Conducting: Movement and Performance Theory for Conductors applies the insight of movement and performance theory to the practice of conducting, offering a groundbreaking new approach to conducting. Where traditional conducting pedagogies o . . .