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    Masters Thesis
    Williams, Melissa L.
    Marie de France was a poet who most likely wrote her works during the twelfth century in Anglo-Norman England. Her lais are a collection of twelve short, lyrical romances that she claims to have translated from Breton stories that originally circulate . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Gonzales, Susana Marie
    This paper examines the value and contribution of the poetry of Judy Grahn, a lesbian feminist activist whose work exemplifies the political issues of the second wave of feminism in mid-twentieth-century America. It is a historical overview of the ris . . .
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    Santana, Marina
    Sexual expression does not necessarily mean you are choosing to have sexual relations with a partner. Either alone or with a partner, there are many ways to explore and express sexual drives and desire. Without it, none of us would be here. Generation . . .
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    Carrasco, Teresa Marie
    Trying to connect what seemingly is unrelated, I use juxtaposition in my work as a tool to address subjects of war, patriarchy, consumerism, marriage, capitalism, violence, motherhood, feminism, and rituals. This concoction is a monstrous circus fille . . .