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  • 1g05ff78h?file=thumbnail
    Sethuraman, Bharath
    We consider the affine variety Zm,n2,2 of first-order jets over Zm,n2, where Zm,n2 is the classical determinantal variety given by the vanishing of all 2×2 minors of a generic m×n matrix. When 2<m≤n, this jet scheme Zm,n2,2 has two irreducible compone . . .
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    Candel, Alberto
    A foliation is called Riemannian if its holonomy pseudogroup consists of local isometries for some Riemannian metric. By combining the work on Hilbert's fifth problem for local groups with our work on equicontinuous foliated spaces, we prove that, if . . .
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    Watkins, William E.
    Let sln be the algebra of n × n matrices with zero trace and entries in a field with at least n elements. Let N be the set of nilpotent matrices. The main result in this paper is that the group of nonsingular linear transformations L on sln such that . . .
  • Gq67jv038?file=thumbnail
    Fuller, Terry
    Let M be a smooth 4-manifold which admits a relatively minimal hyperelliptic genus h Lefschetz fibration over S2. If all of the vanishing cycles for this fibration are nonseparating curves, then we show that M is a 2-fold cover of an S2-bundle over S2 . . .
  • Bz60d0174?file=thumbnail
    Dussan, Martha P.
    In this paper we study compact manifolds with 2-nonnegative Ricci operator, assuming that their Weyl operator satisfies certain conditions which generalize conformal flatness. As a consequence, we obtain that such manifolds are either locally symmetri . . .
  • 9306t053h?file=thumbnail
    Vega, Oscar
    We prove that the well-covered dimension of the Levi graph of a point-line configuration with v points, b lines, r lines incident with each point, and every line containing k points is equal to 0, whenever r > 2.