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    Gainsburg, Julie
    Policymakers and education scholars recommend incorporating mathematical modeling into mathematics education. Limited implementation of modeling instruction in schools, however, has constrained research on how students learn to model, leaving unresolv . . .
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    Swain, John D.
    This article describes the self-reflexive investigation of four first-year faculty at a comprehensive state university in Southern California. In professional development efforts to identify best practice, each of us explored and evaluated our teachin . . .
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    Attias, Bernardo A.
    Musicians, journalists and academics often hold up the Velvet Underground as the paragon of authenticity in rock music, and the band indeed portrayed itself this way from the outset. While much ink has been spilled explaining the original and authenti . . .
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    Book chapter
    Sammler, Katherine G.
    While relatively little is known about the deep sea compared to land, data are being collected that fundamentally change how ocean spaces are thought about and engaged with. Beneath the surface of our planet’s expansive oceans lies the prospect of a n . . .
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    Itkonen, Tiina
    This study examines student achievement and prevalence of students with disabilities in Finland and the United States (U.S.), by analysing international test scores, national reports, and special education legislation. The variables of interest includ . . .
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    Barr, Dustin
    Expressive Conducting: Movement and Performance Theory for Conductors applies the insight of movement and performance theory to the practice of conducting, offering a groundbreaking new approach to conducting. Where traditional conducting pedagogies o . . .