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    Flores, Genesis
    Research has demonstrated a continued influence effect which occurs when belief in misinformation persists even after correction. Although several techniques can reduce belief in misinformation, none are able to eliminate belief entirely. In fact, res . . .
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    Tapia, Bryan
    Research has shown that people use conceptual metaphors to represent abstract concepts. English speakers conceptualize time as space via the mental timeline, representing the past on the left and the future on the right. One's orientation of the menta . . .
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    Cooper, Jasmine
    Mental fatigue is the decline in ability that results from prolonged or excessive cognitive activity. There is limited research on mental fatigue, and few studies address its impact on working memory, the ability to maintain and manipulate information . . .
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    Raman, Isabella
    In the present study, we plan to examine the neural correlates of the conscious recollection of long-term memories (LTM). This process is defined as the retrieval of qualitative or associative information during recognition, and a wealth of studies ha . . .
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    Cotter, Beverly
    Rossi and Prystauka (under review) investigated pronoun processing in L2 learners and native speakers of Spanish via electroencephalography (EEG). When processing grammar, the late (L2) learners were found to have alpha and beta oscillations that decl . . .
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    Livingword, Kenneth
    The usage of embedded systems are becoming more and more commonly used for projects and applications because of the ability to connect to the network. This is known as the internet of things (loT). With so many hardware choices out there it can be a d . . .
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    Lee, Tony
    Image processing is among the most rapidly growing technologies. Image processing is a method that allows for operations to be performed on an image in order to modify the image or analyze information within the image. It may be useful to perform imag . . .
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    Guzman, Edgar
    This paper will be illustrating the AWSVI (Advances Walking Stick for the Visual impaired), a friendly, comfortable, light weight smart white cane that detects obstacles and is capable of guiding the individual through a clear space. The ultimate goal . . .
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    Mesri, Bamdad
    This project is focusing on developing a novel finite element program for modeling plates. Plates are structures that are very thin. For example, the skin of an aircraft wing or the fuselage of an aircraft can be modeled using plate theory. In this pr . . .
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    Montesanti, Kyle
    The primary objective of the project proposal had been to physically construct an aesthetically viable Ondes Martenot-like MIDI controller device and to interface the analog input signals from the device to a microcontroller loaded with the accompanyi . . .