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    Le, Kyle
    Engineers have long been on a mission to find the most efficient and reliable power source. Out of their possible solutions, one has proven to be reliable and efficient enough to be used at the small scale on homes, while also at the large scale on en . . .
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    Gabuya, Josephine
    This project discusses the implementation of a fire extinguishing robot that can be controlled to assist a firefighter in scenarios where it is too hazardous for human involvement. This robot can be controlled wirelessly with the use of a phone throug . . .
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    Worsley, Kevin
    Computer vision is a dynamic field, with many applications in a wide variety of industries. Choosing a platform to deploy computer vision algorithms is a complex task, with a massive amount of choice, varying in operating system, computing power, and . . .
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    Garcia, Morely
    TensorFlow and OpenCV are open libraries used for machine learning and image manipulation, respectively. Using these libraries, we develop a Python-based program that implements convolutional neural networks to train for facial recognition. Images for . . .
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    Rajasekaran, Rohith
    Web analytics tools like Google Analytics allow an online business to track where visitors come from and how they interact with the website. Analyzing this information drives marketing and website design improvements, which can lead to traffic and con . . .
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    Camarillo, Alberto
    Previous and Impervious surfaces play an important role in understanding issues that we face today such as climate change, overconsumption of energy, and urbanization. The objective of this research is to collect images from a variety of pervious and . . .
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    Castillo, Leonardo
    Security is a key concern in our daily life.We put digital locks on almost every technology that we own and trust. Knowing that ones personal property is safely protected is a very important factor in feeling safe. Digital key locks are very useful an . . .
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    Dergevorkian, Aram
    The Embedded Lighting Controller is a product meant to allow both hobbyists and professionals to add lighting in a variety of applications ranging from costumes to theatrical props. Lighting is a critical element of performance art, either contributin . . .
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    Willard, Alexander
    An analysis of the performance of the ACE lightweight cryptography (LWC) algorithm on two different systems, an x86/x64 desktop/server using Visual Studio to serve as a reference and a MicroBlaze softcore microcontroller implemented on a Nexys4 FPGA. . . .
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    Moreno, Angel
    This project is on convolutional neural networks and how to implement image recognition on a Raspberry Pi. First, we will go over what a Convolutional neural network is and how it works. Then, we will cover information on TensorFlow and why we are usi . . .