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    Graduate project
    Stanley, Sandra L.
    Rediscovering LA is a collection of final project essays written by English 698D students at California State University, Northridge, in the spring semester of 2015. We would like to extend a special thanks to Stalin R. Usher II for his beautiful orig . . .
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    Jenkins, Foster H.
    American Classics Facsimile Series II
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    Parkman, Francis
    American Classics Facsimile Series VIII
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    Block, Irving
    [From Introduction] It was a time of war. The twin demons of fear and hate had put these people of Japanese descent behind barbed wire in an obscure part of Wyoming. Consisting of a one-square-mile enclosure of barbed wire surrounding approximately si . . .
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    Kramer, William M.
    Hans Burkhardt is in love with America, deeply for what it is, and even more profoundly for what it can become. In some ways he almost suppresses his Swiss origins with a speech that still reflects them. He has been a prophet without honor in Switzerl . . .
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    Nykamp, William
    Preface: Some Terms Defined: The words infidelity, orthodoxy, and heterodoxy are of course subject to a number of definitions; in this book they are used essentially as the clergy of the late 1700's would use them. Infidelity is used as a term describ . . .
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    Mayhew, Jonathan
    Introduction: Charles W. Akers in his book, Called Unto Liberty, entitles the chapter on Unlimited Submission, "A Catechism of Revolution." This small pamphlet was just that. lt is appropriate in celebrating the United States Bicentennial to remember . . .
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    Wetmore, Charles A.
    Introduction: Charles A. Wetmore's report on the Mission Indians of Southern California .. To be an appropriate publication for the Northridge Facsimile Series. This reprint is supported by the Bibliographic Society of our University as an historical . . .
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    All the following stories and poems were written by students at San Fernando Valley State College and California State University, Northridge, and all were published in various literary magazines edited and produced by students on this campus. The wor . . .