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    Graduate project
    Solorio, Luis J.
    Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, there has been an increasing amount of youth experiencing mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and PTSD in some cases. The purpose of the MSW graduate project was to provide a resource for middle school aged s . . .
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    Graduate project
    Sacks, Bradley
    Container technology has been adopted at a rapid rate. Containers are encapsulated software applications isolated with all their dependencies and runtime environment. [1] Containers have enabled the computer industry to achieve more cost-effective res . . .
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    Graduate project
    Navarro, Alicia
    This project focused on developing and implementing a Mental Health Awareness curriculum at Hanshaw Middle School that would provide 7th-8th grade students with a weeklong education experience in Mental Health coping skills. This curriculum was organi . . .
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    Graduate project
    Taylor, Michael
    Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs states human basic needs include having food, water, shelter and rest. These needs must be met before a human can reach self-actualization. Food and housing insecure students’ basic needs are not getting met. Approx . . .
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    Graduate project
    Cardoso, Rosa
    This project focused on developing and implementing a Mental Health Awareness curriculum at Hilmar Unified School district at Elim and Merquin Elementary and Hilmar Middle School that would provide 4th -6th grade students with a weeklong long educatio . . .
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    Graduate project
    Esguerra, Michael
    This Semester-In-Residence paper presents the development of a policy for record retention and destruction for a county in California. The goal of this project was to research, develop, and implement a record retention and destruction policy that fit . . .
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    Graduate project
    Nunez, Olga
    Social work is a profession that has been linked to high levels of stress and burnout. It is crucial for social workers to engage in self-care to prevent stress and burnout which can lead to job turnover and disengagement in the work setting. This pro . . .
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    Graduate project
    Siliezar, Andrew
    This project focused on developing a module within Minecraft: Education Edition (MEE) that is designed to help develop students’ Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). Research has shown that students who have been taught SEL tend to have a decrease i . . .
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    Graduate project
    Serna, Celestine
    This project focused on creating and implementing actions that emerged from research conducted by a group of Food and Housing Insecure (FHI) students at the California State University (CSU), Stanislaus. The goal of the graduate project was to create . . .
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    Graduate project
    Torres, Banesa
    This project focused on creating an information packet to assist Spanish speaking clients in understanding the Child Welfare case process. The objectives of this project were accomplished by compiling existing information on how the case process works . . .
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    Graduate project
    Taterwal, Deepit
    Deep learning with convolutional neural networks (CNNs) has achieved great success in the classification of various plant diseases. The disease that affects plants is the main element that is associated with the farming risk and crop yield. Since it i . . .
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    Graduate project
    Catalan, Cecilia
    As more children with disabilities participate in general education classrooms based on full inclusion models, the need for paraeducators will continue to rise. Therefore, paraeducators need to be properly trained and prepared to support the needs of . . .
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    Graduate project
    Prajapati, Umangi
    Nowadays, people like to do online shopping for their household items. As online shopping is becoming more popular, the business owners need to predict the demand of their customers to deliver the required items. The key contribution of this paper is . . .
  • 1v53k3253?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Bernabe, David
    Asperger’s is a developmental disorder that poses significant difficulties for an individual to interact socially and interpret non-verbal communication. It is also considered to be a milder Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The main purpose of this pro . . .
  • Rv043040h?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Kanniappan, Nandhinee
    Coronavirus (COVID-19) a deadly disease originated in China has spread exponentially across the world since it started, affecting people's lives, social economies, and medical systems greatly. So far, incredibly little information about this infection . . .
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    Graduate project
    Onyambu, Lilian
    Asperger’s is a developmental disorder that poses significant difficulties for an individual to interact socially and interpret non-verbal communication. It is also considered to be a milder Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The main purpose of this pro . . .
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    Graduate project
    Stuck, Merilyn
    Cyberattacks are on the rise and becoming an increasingly pervasive part of a modern threat landscape. Now more than ever, a successful organization must have effective tools in place to manage cyber risk and the dangers that go along with it. My Seme . . .
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    Graduate project
    Coggan, Alyssa
    Thermo Fisher Scientific is the world leader in serving science, they aim to make the world healthier, cleaner, and safer place. The company enables its customers to do ground breaking work in the life science industry by accelerating research and bri . . .
  • D504rr30c?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Blevin, Matthew
    The Semester-In-Residence Project conducted at Millipore Sigma in Temecula, CA involved the Antibody Manufacturing and Final Production laboratories and focused on the movement and filling of Bulk Custom Order products. The aim of the project was to d . . .
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    Graduate project
    Gonsalves, Shawn
    This study proposes the design, development and deployment of a Convolutional Neural Network model that detects the presence of Pneumonia in a patient based on his/ her X-Ray images. The model is trained from scratch using Python and different . . .
  • 1n79h950z?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Nicolas, Rula
    Healthcare workers often suffer from occupational stress related to anxiety, lack of skills, low social support at work, and uncertainty. All of these stressors may lead to burnout, psychosomatic problems, poor quality of life, and services. Providing . . .
  • Br86b859k?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Keller, Jennifer
    Cosmetics are the least regulated commodity under FDA jurisdiction. The Federal Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act) defines cosmetics as "articles intended to be rubbed, poured, sprinkled, or sprayed on, introduced into, or otherwise applied to the h . . .
  • Cn69m9307?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Stewart, Hailey
    Sexual health education is an integral part of all student's curriculum in public school. The purpose of this paper is to explore the importance of having a more comprehensive sexual health curriculum that is tailored with students with intellectual a . . .
  • Pn89dc53f?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Gupta, Rajat
    The major goal of this project is to develop an Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS) to train 0people with Asperger’s Syndrome to interpret the verbal cues by listening to audio segments. This part of the project demonstrates the use of Machine Learning . . .
  • G158bp133?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Kalani, Aditya
    This paper provides an approach to resolve the problem of sharing student credentials securely by using the blockchain technology. We use a novel blockchain based architecture in a decentralized application (DApp). Inherent to the structure, blockchai . . .
  • 41687p49q?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Leung, Billy
    A Security Information Event Management (SIEM) is an important component of any security operations center or cybersecurity program for an organization. The main goal for my semester in residence project is to create a model to compare and evaluate th . . .
  • Td96k795b?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Paulino, Briana
    Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) is a multibillion-dollar industry that is projected to increase in popularity among U.S. consumers. An increasing public demand for information regarding CAM therapies has created an interest in the percept . . .
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    Graduate project
    Do, Sarah
    The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of devices or “things” that are connected over the Internet. “Thing” refers to an entity or physical object that is a unique, embedded system that can transfer data over a network [1], such as a light bulb th . . .
  • C821gq25w?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Gully, Michelle
    Numerous pieces of evidence in the literature have suggested that mindfulness has a positive impact in reducing pain among cancer patients and improving mental health among individuals with depression and anxiety. The practice of mindfulness and encou . . .
  • Mg74qs02s?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Montoya, Liliana
    Hospital readmissions are extensive, expensive, and can overall be avoidable. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (2012), Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) is the second leading cause for hospitalization in the United States . . .
  • X920g2929?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Bruno, Matthew
    This project was created in order to share with educators the effectiveness of distance learning for special education students, as well as potential issues with equity and legal compliance. To accomplish this outcome there was a review of cur . . .
  • 3f462b23z?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Kirkendall, Mark
    Without detailed knowledge of what assets are on your computer network, you are blind to the myriad of vulnerabilities that bad actors could exploit to compromise the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive data within your environme . . .
  • K3569944m?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Haupt, Gerhart
    The current COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented interest in rapid diagnostic medical devices as nations around the world struggle to identify and contain SARS-CoV-2 cases within their borders. nanoComposix has developed multiple products withi . . .
  • 8c97kw54j?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Wall-Rocke, Meghan
    As the academic demands placed on young learners become greater and greater, it becomes crucial for children to master foundational literacy skills early on. Through play and the support of teachers, students can master these skills through activ . . .
  • Ff3659936?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Nihalani, Nihal
    In the whole world, the coronavirus pandemic has been collapsing the best healthcare systems worldwide. The best way to prevent the spread of COVID19 is to detect and isolate affected people to reduce the stress on the health care system. COVID19 caus . . .
  • 4f16c8200?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Peralta, Jaymie-Alyson
    The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services placed penalties for hospitals with high 30-day readmission rates as required by the Affordable Care Act in an effort to address increasing hospital readmissions. Congestive heart failure, chronic obstruc . . .
  • Nz8064610?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Ramrakhyani, Rishi
    In our modern world where internet and various gadgets have become important aspect of human’s life, everyone rely on different social media and various other online sources like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other news sites for getting informat . . .
  • Bz60d2303?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Cheeseman, Kimberly
    The questions of where students with disabilities should be taught has been debated for decades. Due to limited research with mixed results, there is no clear answer. However, there are indications that both general and special education students ben . . .
  • T435gk20h?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Khan, Asjad
    Everything is now being automated in the 21st century, and automated cars are trending topics. A self-driving car runs from one place to another without human intervention having sensory input like cameras, sensors, lasers, and radars to provide the . . .
  • N870zw870?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Gonzalez, Karina
    Lack of support and curricular inclusion of LGBTQ+ topics has an adverse effect on school climate and bullying which in turn impact absenteeism, grades, and long-term physical and mental health outcomes for LGBTQ+ youth (Kosciw et al., 2020) . . .
  • K643b5890?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Nemade, Akash
    When it comes to image classification the first thing that comes in our mind is Convolutional Neural Network (CNN). Now implementing a single class image classification is easy and can be done without any issue but for multi-class image classification . . .
  • Gb19fb38r?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Park, Robin
    Paraprofessionals have become vital to the delivery of special education related services and play a pivotal role by differentiating, accommodating, or modifying academic and behavioral instruction to provide the least restrictive environment for stu . . .
  • Cz30pz33d?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Jethe, Vinayak
    Autonomous vehicles have the potential to change the world. Having a self-driving car will not only help save time of drivers and allow them to relax, but also help reduce the number of accidents caused by carelessness of drivers. These autonomous sys . . .
  • Tx31qq02n?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Balasubramanian, Sanjana
    Today there are more than 1.15 million cases of breast cancer diagnosed worldwide annually. At present, only small numbers of accurate prognostic and predictive factors are used clinically for managing the patients with breast cancer. Early detection . . .
  • Pr76f832x?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Weinstein, Tamara
    In recent years, the elimination of music classes from most K-12 public schools has adversely affected students in the United States. In the past, students were offered a range of extracurricular subjects to study in addition to the core academic sub . . .
  • Ks65hh978?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Avey, Summer
    Since 1973, there has been research supporting that the prevalence of language impairments in adult and juvenile detention centers is considerably higher than national averages. Current estimates report as high as 66-90% of juvenile offender . . .
  • G158bp11j?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Sriram, Akhil
    Sentiment Analysis helps predict the sentiment of the information scraped from various sources and classify it as positive/negative. It is one of the most proficient Natural Language Processing techniques used in various aspects such as improving prod . . .
  • 4t64gt124?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Neil, Stephen
    Thermo Fisher Scientific was established with the goal to enable customers to make the world healthier, cleaner, and safer by providing high quality scientific products and laboratory services. The global team of 75,000 employees ensure that research . . .
  • 8623j366s?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Tanikella, Satya
    As the phrase “Personal Attack” says, it is to attack a person by making abusive remarks on their race, religion, sex, gender, ethnicity etc. All the abusive or derogatory statements made constitute the term Personal Attacks. Personal attack . . .
  • 5m60qx76k?file=thumbnail
    Graduate project
    Dasari, Devi Vaishnavi
    With the increase of the internet today, it is very effective to share one's ideas with the world. With the fast growth of the Web, more and more people write reviews for all types of products and services and post them online. This data per . . .