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  • Kh04ds29z?file=thumbnail
    Learning Object
    Center for Indian Community Development
    A 1987 Hupa language activity book for elementary students that includes vocabulary and stories.
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    Learning Object
    Masten, Ada
    A collection of Hupa stories and legends as told by elders from the surrounding community.
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    Learning Object
    Devine, Zo
    A poster produced by CICD and ITEPP that displays various Tolowa greetings.
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    Learning Object
    Karuk, ED 101 1984 class
    A Karuk language vocabulary book with pictures and English translations.
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    Learning Object
    Baldy, Cutcha
    A report written in 2010 by Cutcha Baldy that describes the various problems and solutions associated with storing personal regalia collections. Includes 5 brochures.
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    Learning Object
    Pratt, Alice
    A collection of traditional and non-traditional Hupa songs.
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    Learning Object
    Bright, William
    Karuk Language lessons by William Bright.
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    Learning Object
    Leach, Ruel
    An collection of oral histories of Hupa ceremonial dances.
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    Learning Object
    Bennett, Ruth
    A poster produced by CICD and ITEPP that displays various Wiyot greetings.
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    Learning Object
    Bennett, Ruth
    A Hupa coloring book with vocabulary words for elementary students.