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    O'Neill, William
    Data and historically significant factors which are thought as primary. The poster also considers comparison internationally in recent time.
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    Jacobsen, Jasen
    A primary consequence of increasing atmospheric CO2 is the lowering of ocean pH and associated stress on calcium carbonate bearing organisms. Coastal regions are vulnerable to low-pH due to seasonal upwelling which periodically introduces CO2–enriched . . .
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    Park, Minhee
    This study is intended to investigate food insecurity among international students, who are working on campus, and to provide greater understanding of the barriers for them and/or their families in accessing SNAP benefits. Twelve individuals who had e . . .
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    Cardenas, Crystal
    Due to the incompatibility of the Standard Model and General Relativity, tests of gravity remain at the forefront of experimental physics research. At HSU, undergraduates and faculty are developing an experiment that will test gravitational interactio . . .
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    Charlton-Grant, Kiaya
    This research attempts to observe the effects organic decomposition has on the soil pH and aims to determine if pH levels are altered when remains are frozen opposed to unfrozen. Weekly qualitative observations and soil tests were conducted on six nat . . .
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    Ruso, Gabrielle
    This research represents the preliminary results of a longer term project in Sequoia National Park, California. I used temperature dataloggers to investigate western pond turtle behavior to better understand their natural history and thus inform monit . . .
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    Sauvage, Rachel
    This case study took place in a diverse school setting. We implemented critical multicultural literature to 3rd and 4th graders. Our question is: How do students respond to critical multicultural pedagogy and literature? We used dialogue journals, lit . . .
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    You, Hyun-Kyung
    This research project is about mothers of children with autism. Interviews were conducted with 12 different mothers, and were carefully transcribed and analyzed. The focus of the research is on the way that they see themselves as mothers, either good, . . .
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    Kandaris, Alexa
    In 2006 the California State Assembly passed Assembly Bill 32, or the California Global Warming Solutions Act. AB-32 appointed the Air Resources Board as lead agency to implement a reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions back to 1990 levels by 202 . . .
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    Halim, Kerollos
    The research aimed to compare the capabilities of two single strains of bacteria in their ability to hydrolyze a common peptide found in the seawater. The research is important in adding to knowledge of the carbon cycle, and how organic matter is proc . . .