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    Robertson, Staci
    Students who identify as LGBTQ often feel bullied, harassed, and suffer from physical and emotional harm. Due to the lack of training received by school personnel, little is done to protect and provide support for these students. Certain organizations . . .
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    Temple, Annie Louise
    Previous research has illuminated the fact that the transgender community faces many barriers to healthcare (Lombardi, 2001). The purpose of the present study was to determine the current barriers that the greater Sacramento area transgender community . . .
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    Arreola-Reyes, Ana Karen
    The purpose of this study was to deconstruct the meaning of machismo in the Latinx culture and examine if it perpetuates homophobia/anti-queerness. This study also examined the effects machismo has on queer Latinx individuals. This research Project ai . . .
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    Lopez, Luis
    Through the Masters of Art Studio program I was challenged to question the purpose of my work. In questioning what I create, I questioned why I create. This thesis serves as a summary of this exploration of significance in art created by myself over t . . .