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    Miller, Matthew
    Currently, China and the United States have increasing tensions with each other. The United States has the world’s most powerful military, although recently China has been trying to close the gap between both countries’ military spending. China has al . . .
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    Arbizu, Orlando J
    In this research project, the question that aims to be answered is: Why are the contemporary Latin American anti-government protests occurring? The time frame that will be analyzed will start from 2005 and will look at Nicaragua’s 2018 protests and Ch . . .
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    Tacadena, Danica
    Juvenile justice reform aims to create efforts that use detention, out-of-home placements, limiting their serving time, and general support for youth. Reforming the system would further prevent youth’s mistakes from future barriers that prohibit life . . .
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    Nguyen, Kelly
    So far, there has not been an investigation of negotiators’ previous multicultural exposures and interactions and their potentially differential relationship with negotiation process and outcomes. This study seeks to fill in this gap in literature as . . .
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    Walton, Alexander
    This paper investigates applying Locke’s theory of property, as stated in his Second Treatise, to intellectual property and its incompatibility with regard to current U.S. intellectual property law. I begin by modelling possible metaphysical positions . . .
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    Tapia, Valerie A
    In light of the Coronavirus-19 Pandemic inflicting the world, college students in the United State of America are concerned about their health, the state of the economy, and dramatic lifestyle shifts, and they are experiencing an increased level of st . . .
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    Fonseka, Thisuri P
    This project examines the effects of technology on social relationships. There has been much debate about whether technology, such as cell phones, have negatively affected our social relationships. Does technology create a closer or deeper relationshi . . .
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    Salcedo, Marissa
    In this paper I analyze two views for defining insanity in the law, namely the M’Naghten test and Durham Rule (Legal Information Institute). I begin by giving an account of the two views definitions, then I briefly describe their history and explain h . . .
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    Hill, David
    Cart Mart Inc. would like a comprehensive assessment of its existing logistics strategy to help decide what influences the operation. It would like to know whether consolidation would benefit expansion goals. In this manner, the company wants to explo . . .
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    Chamberlin, Christine
    Teaching can be an emotional profession, as teachers are faced with a wide variety of situations in any given day and are required to act quickly and flexibly as the situation demands. Teaching can be a stressful job with stressors from school adminis . . .