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    Harper, Myrna Kay
    As researchers, we can understand people through observing their behavior or listening to their experiences. Observation has been relied upon almost exclusively in the field of research, since inner subjectivity is considered too difficult to measure. . . .
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    Freeman, Daniel
    ABSTRACT Freshman Student-Athletes Manual for Santa Monica College By Daniel Freeman Master of Science in Kinesiology The first year of college is one of the most difficult transitions that a student encounters (Giddan, 1988). The Santa Monica College . . .
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    Rosenkjar, Serina Babigian
    The following is a review of the literature regarding the dynamic process of feedback in relation to three distinct schools of therapy. Due to the limitations set by a master's thesis and the complexity of the subject matter, it was necessary to limit . . .
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    Kloeris, Matthew
    There is a decrease in the mental health and academic well-being amongst middle school students. Researchers have successfully implemented self-reflections and physical activity to improve these aspects of a student's life, but CrossFit Kids has yet t . . .
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    Gómez, Mindy Danira
    Research supports attractive food cues, such as olfactory cues, in our environment have a strong impact on eating behavior (Yeomans, 2006); however, research on olfactory cues has been mixed. Research demonstrates that brief olfactory exposures may in . . .
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    Harrison, Matthew Travis
    The sense of agency, the experience of being responsible for the external effects of our actions, is pervasive, but the mechanism of this sensation is not well understood. Recent research has focused on a `comparator model' in which implicit compariso . . .
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    Hlaing, Mitsuki Thiri
    Personality traits play an important role in the manifestation of creativity, which is measured in this study by a test of word fluency. Previous research has shown a positive correlation between openness to experience and creativity (e.g., acceptance . . .
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    Vidales, Carlos A.
    Familial homophobia refers to the negative and discriminatory behaviors directed towards non-heterosexual family members from heterosexual family members. While there exists very little empirical research examining constructs related to familial homop . . .
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    Field, Kelly Ann
    This descriptive study examined the relationship between intermittent noise, crowding, chaos, and stress behaviors in children from Los Angeles preschools. Naturalistic observations and survey methods were used to capture children’s everyday behaviors . . .
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    Djanbazian, Millen
    With recent technological advances, more minors are using cell phones as their primary mode of communication and expression (Lenhart, 2012). The phenomenon of `sexting' leaves minors at risk of facing severe legal and social consequences for their sel . . .