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    Brandon, Dennis Frank
    The introductory page in this project set a background to inform the reader of the context in which the main body of the paper is to be considered. Various positions on the animation problem are considered. The legal aspect of abortion is briefly outl . . .
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    Yakhi, Sara
    I argue that abortion law should be centered around the mother’s dominion over the child pre-viability and because of that, far less restrictive. Given the dominion of the mother over the child throughout the pregnancy, the state would only be allowed . . .
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    Donner, Joan
    This study was undertaken to ascertain attitudes toward alternative methods of human conception. A telephone questionnaire was completed by one hundred (100) residents of the San Fernanda Valley, California. There were sixty-three (63) women and thirt . . .
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    Danel, Desiree Michelle
    This thesis examines the impact of state mandated demand- and supply-side abortion policies on the statewide abortion rate to determine which policies are most effective at lowering state abortion rates. Ordinary least squares regression was used to d . . .
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    Vega, Araceli Alicia
    This study examined the content of various sources, including books, movies, scholarly journal articles, and periodicals at an attempt to answer the question of whether China’s one child policy is harming or benefitting the countries children. In cond . . .