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    Kopitz, Cynthia J.
    I see ideas as shapes, patterns or dynamic forms. The intent of my graduate course in sculpture has been toward weaving a matrix between the work of art, the system which creates the work of art and the system which observes the work of art. The final . . .
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    Harvey, Barbara
    I have long been interested in the provocative nature of everyday items that tend to be taken for granted. These are throwaway things that are compelling because of their omnipresence and utilitarian nature. Paper bags epitomize what Daniel Douke has . . .
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    Garris, Laurie
    Meaninglessness is an inherent quality of the human condition. Without it, there would be no meaning. Ironic as this appears to sound, it is the understanding of this paradox that is essential to the understanding of "being" itself. Nothingness is an . . .
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    Meert, Michael
    The works presented in ORGANIZATION S testify to a belief in modernism. To believe in modernism is to underwrite the assumed existence of a universal truth and a universal aesthetic language; it is to adhere to an idealization of reality. This abstrac . . .
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    Honigsberg, Hal
    My current body of work are mixed-media pieces which incorporate acrylics, watercolors, pastels, hand-made papers, aluminum, found objects, and other various elements. In essence, I use whatever “tools” I deem proper and necessary to successfully tran . . .
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    Surmeian, Asien
    My intention in this series of paintings is to create abstract imagery of an environment which once was very close to me. The source of inspiration is ancient Greece. This has been a recent concern although I was born in that land and raised among the . . .
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    Bishop, Melissa A.
    My work as an artist is a reflection of my perception of reality. It is a continual reiteration of my relationship with nature and the unity of being a part of that nature. The inspiration and subject matter for my work is the essence of experiences r . . .
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    Keehne, Karen
    Mute encrustations of pigment, A tapestry in stone Confronting us with open face And yet, What lies beyond? Is there depth of substance, or mere Facade? Thoughts linger half seen, Words unuttered, half guessed, Trapped within a surface; Dense, Opaque, . . .
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    Zemach, Haviva
    My seemingly arbitrary, shapeless pieces look that way intentionally. They derive from my credo that nothing is complete in this world. And yet, imperfect as we are, and everything around us is, there still is much beauty in it. Kra’eem is a Hebrew wo . . .
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    Sandor, Stephen