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    Brown, Robin Marla
    A considerable debate exists with relation to the existence and/ or manifestation of depressive states in adolescents. Kovacs and Beck (1975) identified behavioral symptoms in individuals up to age sixteen which are similar to those evidenced in depre . . .
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    Loebs, Talia
    Recent statistics show an increase in suicidal ideations among American youth, indicating a need to address ways to build adolescent identities and self-esteem. Current research shows that adolescents respond positively to games as instructional tools . . .
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    Livingston, Sonya
    The purpose of this graduate project was to create a professional development workshop that would provide school counselors with skills to better outreach to at-risk urban African American high school students from urban neighborhoods. The goal of the . . .
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    Cheema, Ravreet Kaur
    The purposes of this study were to examine (1) the relationship between mainstream and heritage acculturative stress and psychological well-being in secondgeneration Latino/a adolescents and emerging adults, (2) whether acculturation will moderate thi . . .
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    Rhee, Eunice Unbee
    Though much research has been done on ethnic identity, a less systematized area of research is ethnic labeling, despite its use in many studies as a meaningful marker of identity (Kiang, Perreira, & Fuligni, 2011; Kiang, Witkow, Baldelomar, & Fuligni, . . .
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    Bitton, Tomie Anne
    The Best Thing to Ever Happen to You is a memoir that seeks to explore the dynamics of change in a woman’s life, especially adolescence and motherhood. These stories follow a young woman as she comes of age, capturing and evoking moments when she ques . . .
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    Bates, Melvin Lee Shawn
    Ketamine and dextromethorphan belong to the drug class known as dissociatives. They produce several behavioral effects, including dissociation from self and disruptions in learning and memory. Initiation of dissociative use is often in adolescence, an . . .
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    Della Santa, Melanie
    The purpose of this research is to examine the attitudes of undergraduate students at a California State University regarding their experiences with sex education in the K-12 school setting. Parents and school administrators are polled regularly to fi . . .
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    Virden, Tyler R.
    Due to high rates of teenage pregnancy and STI contraction, it is important to understand what contributes to risky sexual behaviors that are associated with unintended pregnancy and STI contraction. The relationship between virginity status, ethnicit . . .
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    Skrabec, Christopher Robert
    The goals of this study were to examine cross-gender relational aggression during adolescence and how it may be related to depression and self-esteem. Specifically of interest was how gender composition of aggressor-victim dyads may relate differently . . .