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    Holden, Robert C.
    The importance of the hypergeometric equation lies in the fact that under certain conditions, its solutions reduce to many of the special functions which are essential to most areas of physics and engineering. The objective of this study is to investi . . .
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    Imhoff, Gregory B.
    The nth cyclotomic polynomial Phi_n(x)is the minimal polynomial of a primitive nth root of unity. The order of \Phi_n is the number of distinct odd prime factors of and the height of \Phi_n=\sum_ka_n(k)x^k$\ is A(n)=\max_k|a_n(k)|, the maximum absolut . . .
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    Shashidhar, V.
    It is known that the Alamouti code is the only complex orthogonal design (COD) which achieves capacity and that too for the case of two transmit and one receive antenna only. Damen et al. proposed a design for two transmit antennas, which achieves cap . . .
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    Cadavid, Ana Cristina
    The author constructs a non-Abelian field theory by gauging a Kac-Moody algebra, obtaining an infinite tower of interacting vector fields and associated ghosts, that obey slightly modified Feynman rules. She discusses the spontaneous symmetry breaking . . .
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    Kerissa, Hoda
    Tutoring Centers are designed to assist students in becoming independent learners with study skills and strategies that will help them succeed in classes across the curriculum. Those are not intended to replace direct instructions classroom, but to en . . .
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    Milne, Susan
    Our paper summarizes a study that used game-based learning activities (GBLA) That we designed to teach underprepared university algebra students how to simplify polynomials. The activities were designed to visually, verbally and kinetically reinforce . . .
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    Diehl, Nathan
    Developmental mathematics courses are historically difficult classes for community college students. The failure rate of these courses is alarmingly high. Supplemental Instruction (SI) was developed to assist students in mastering the concepts and as . . .