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  • Sn00b276k?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Trow, Andrew
    To understand and improve the efficiency of LIDAR (Light Imaging, Detection, And Ranging) simulations used for robotic movement, an analysis of multiple variants of scanning algorithms was performed. Many challenges arose during the course of experime . . .
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    Worsley, Kevin
    Computer vision is a dynamic field, with many applications in a wide variety of industries. Choosing a platform to deploy computer vision algorithms is a complex task, with a massive amount of choice, varying in operating system, computing power, and . . .
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    Willard, Alexander
    An analysis of the performance of the ACE lightweight cryptography (LWC) algorithm on two different systems, an x86/x64 desktop/server using Visual Studio to serve as a reference and a MicroBlaze softcore microcontroller implemented on a Nexys4 FPGA. . . .
  • C821gp323?file=thumbnail
    London, Jacob
    The BLASTn (basic local alignment search tool - nucleotide) algorithm is widely used by researchers around the world. BLAST itself is used for a variety of purposes, but this project focuses on BLASTn which targets nucleotide DNA sequences. In BLASTn . . .
  • Work
    Kuhn, Leslie A.
    Techniques from graph theory are applied to analyze the bond networks in proteins and identify the flexible and rigid regions. The bond network consists of distance constraints defined by the covalent and hydrogen bonds and salt bridges in the protein . . .
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    Holmquist, Gerald P.
    We show that the cAMP receptor protein (Crp) binds to DNA as several different conformers. This situation has precluded discovering a high correlation between any sequence property and binding affinity for proteins that bend DNA. Experimentally quanti . . .
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    Mjolsness, Eric
    Plant cells are incapable of sliding past each other, so generation of shape and structure in plant tissue is dependent on cells dividing and expanding in particular directions. Therefore, understanding how cells choose where to build new walls is cri . . .
  • 5h73q034s?file=thumbnail
    Khachatryan, Armine
    Algorithms are an important topic in both computer science and software engineering because they form the foundation of creating efficient programs and applications. I created an algorithm visualization (AV) tool for CSUN faculty members, students, an . . .
  • Work
    Bales, Barney L.
    An unexplained residual in the fits of theoretical and experimental spectra of exchange broadened nitroxide spin probes reported by Robinson et al. [J. Magn. Reson. 138 (1999) 199] is shown to be understood by inclusion of theoretically predicted line . . .
  • 5t34sp012?file=thumbnail
    Daymo, Robert Andrew
    The purpose of this graduate project was to implement the Warnock Hidden Line Algorithm described in the Principles of Interactive Computer Graphics by William M. Newman and Robert F. Sproull, in SIMULA on the CDC 3170/3300 computer. The algorithm was . . .