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    Donaire, Jenny
    The intimacy of domestic spaces, the objects that people accumulate over time, and the memories associated with these spaces and objects inform my work. The home becomes a concept as well as a space that is invested with privacy, secrecy, and objects . . .
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    Frinta, Richard
    My thesis, Architectural Metamorphosis, seeks to depict the organic pulse that animates life in an urban environment. My work challenges the ways in which the camera has often functioned with regard to Modern and Postmodern architecture. I photograph . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Trexler, Jeena
    The first half of the 20th century marked a period of rapid growth in Los Angeles. Across the United States professional city planners attempted to transform major cities. Los Angeles experimented with several plans but many women came to the city arm . . .
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    Student Research
    Cuin, Pedro
    This paper describes the work of a team of architecture undergraduate students with architecture professor Marc Schulitz during the development and construction of a full-scale timber grid shell pavilion. The pavilion was supported by an RSCA award As . . .
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    Student Research
    Ngamnimitthum, Kojchakorn
    This project consists of a church and its supporting programs (community room, classrooms, chapel, etc.) and a cafe. A hierarchy of sacredness of each spaces is emphasized through the treatment of each spaces through materials, circulation, height, li . . .
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    Salamat, Christopher John
    This thesis maps the two modes of architectural reaction to the American military intervention in the early twentieth century Philippines, namely assimilation and resistance. I examine three architectural works by two brothers, Arcadio and Juan Arella . . .
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    Bannavittayakit, Siriraj
    This thesis will demonstrate the significance of ethics in architectural design, with a particular focus on design s environmental impact. Many designers do not prioritize ethical concerns in their work above other issues, such as profitability, time . . .
  • Work
    King, Daniel
    Drastic changes in sports and recreation happened in the first half of the twentieth century, much of it reflected in the development of golf course architecture. However, only four “Golden Age” (ca. 1910-1940) architecture golf courses that were desi . . .
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    Raval, Pinak
    This report will present steps taken in order to develop a “Platform Readiness Test Plan”. The platform readiness test plan will provide assistance to the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) in testing and validating their motherboard robustness pr . . .