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    Sixbey, Michael C.
    It seems to me there are two basic categories into which one could place information on craftsmen or artists: philosophy and technique. And so, perhaps I should divide this abstract into, first, a statement on my philosophy, and second, a statement on . . .
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    Peter, Richard Clark
    Nearly all woodwork consists of joining pieces of wood together to create something. Every joint can therefore be considered as a solution to a specific problem of how to hold wood together. It is also possible, however, to consider joinery as a solut . . .
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    Stewart, Cynthia Anne
    The work I have produced is the result of my psychological exploration of myself and consequently, a revelationary selfportrait. The content is derived from my close personal involvement with a murder victim and the effect it has had on me. The focus . . .
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    Parkins, Alice Baird
    Minimal Art is strongly appealing to me; I'm drawn to it as well as its predecessors as iron fillings are drawn to a magnet. I feel that my work is a variant of this movement, In my search for simplicity and a feeling of spaciousness, I work large for . . .
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    Steinberg, Marc Donald
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    Myers, Barbara A.
    I consider the visual arts a form of communication. Historically, they have been used to reinforce socially accepted ideas, creating tangible evidence of theoretical beliefs; making the invisible visible. The visual arts have given substance to the im . . .
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    Miller, Jan Shearin
    The work deals with a few different ideas and phenomena. Among them are ambiguity, illusion, anti-illusion, the future, present, past, people (their effects, invisible and otherwise), comfort, discomfort, uncertainty, unexpectancy, states of mind, nat . . .
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    Surmeian, Asien
    My intention in this series of paintings is to create abstract imagery of an environment which once was very close to me. The source of inspiration is ancient Greece. This has been a recent concern although I was born in that land and raised among the . . .
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    Zinsmeister, Anna Lee
    The abstract expressionists brought to their work a spontaneity, allowing their paintings to develop with the moment. "I have no fears about making changes, destroying the image, etc., because the painting has a life of its own." (Jackson Pollock) Thi . . .
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    Elias, Sheila
    The aesthetic experience is difficult to analyze and by attempting to define it, one gives expression to the intangible. Recognizing this I will explain the ideas I have about my art and aesthetics. The art should consist of inventiveness, creativity, . . .