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    Graduate project
    Bernardy, Olivia
    When California published a new set of Visual and Performing Arts standards in 2019, art teachers were tasked with reexamining their current practices, and to consider ways in which students could broaden their understanding of the arts as a whole. Th . . .
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    Escalante, Danny
    Personal mythology perceived through adolescent desire, and quotidian events inform my work. Through a variety of media, I explore themes of mark making, identity and environment. By dissecting and reassembling the elements that comprise a painting in . . .
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    Book chapter
    Stanley, Sandra L.
    It has become a commonplace convention to describe Los Angeles as a city of paradox. In his classic Southern California: An Island on the Land, Carey McWilliams describes LA as a “paradoxical land”; in City of Quartz, Mike Davis entitles one of his ch . . .
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    Castillo, Katrina
    My work is inspired by personal observations and experience. I am interested in how people choose to express and present themselves to others, either through clothing, things they collect or how they choose to display their home. Shelter culture also . . .
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    Brown, Marion Louise
    Metal is not a spontaneous medium. Creating a form is a cooperative venture between the artist and the material. It requires time, much planning, patience and sensitivity to the response of the metal to the touch of the tool. With the complementary te . . .
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    Gramckow, Heidi
    The purpose of this study was to determine from the literature and fieldwork, potential values and effects of art activities upon children in the elementary classroom. The review of the literature presented extensive supportive evidence indicating tha . . .
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    Ahal, Sahara
    Abstract Waste and Want By Sahara Ahal Master of Arts in Art, Visual Arts What is a beginning or end, right or wrong, dirty or clean? My work explores the ideas of appropriateness and familiarity. The link between the man-made and natural worlds trigg . . .
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    Salazar, Selina
    I use ceramics to recall and record memories and new knowledge that shape my understanding of home. As a first generation Mexican-American, I reconnect with ancestral knowledge and heritage that was lost when my family migrated to the United States. T . . .
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    Castaneda, Victor H.
    Boredom, intuition, and my experiences inform my sculpture, drawings, and photographs. I create otherworldly images by combining found and forgotten objects such as mannequins, street signs, toys, and trash cans. By activating sensory experience throu . . .
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    Hayles, Mona L.
    When I began writing about my work originally, I had an idea of what it should be like: A factual record of my show. It would be informative, professional, businesslike. I started writing. I outlined, organized, correlated, corrected and rewrote… I le . . .