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    Mendez, Xavier R.
    The study of the world forces me to realize that our common language is not only inaccurate, but totally inadequate to describe reality. The illusion lies in our point of view if we think that shapes and structures, things and events around us are rea . . .
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    Yoerger, Ronald Anthony
    While studying environmental art, I reflected upon my own experiences related to the environment and its impact upon me. Largely, these experiences were gained while growing up on our family farm in Iowa, where the environment played an important role . . .
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    Garcia, Annette Selena
    The purpose of this descriptive study was to compile research exploring the process of visual imagery as it relates to cognitive learning. Two major modes of processing information include verbal coding and visual imagery. Verbal coding involves symbo . . .
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    Lovette, Sylvia Carroll
    Through the application of twentieth century concepts in art, this artistic performance relating two levels of conceptual and visual reality is made possible. The nucleus of the work involves an object used ambiguously, first for its objective express . . .
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    Valentine, Karen J.
    My main concern is space, but not in the more formal terms that are generally dealt with in an art context. I am concerned with space in a way that relates more directly to people and their feelings about themselves and their environment. These I defi . . .
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    Shapiro, Lynne
    The purpose of this thesis is to examine the total production of Parmigianino in his Roman period (1524-1527) and to ascertain whether Rome was merely a formative period for the artist or a period of substantial achievement and innovation. A review of . . .
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    Peters, Steven Ray
    Robert Rauschenberg is a major artist whose work expresses a definite affinity for John Cage’s philosophy on art, life and their interrelationship. It is widely acknowledged that Cage’s influences have been substantial in providing new directions in t . . .
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    Henderson, Lynette K.
    The focus of “Endangered Species: Real Life in Two Dimensions” is to create awareness about a critical environmental issue. There is a special urgency to this project because large numbers of animal species are currently endangered or on the brink of . . .
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    Lipton, Kay
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    Burke, Kathleen Frances
    Historians and critics have identified Andy Warhol as an influential force in the world of twentieth century art. As such, the attitudes expressed in his work of the sixties had an effect on the development of contemporary fashionable culture. The goa . . .