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    Cardenas, Christian
    ABSTRACT The Portraits: An Autobiography By Christian Cardenas Master of Arts in English The primary aim of this thesis is twofold. At once it seeks to alter the perception of what a traditional portrait looks like, as well as defamiliarize the genre . . .
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    Hithe, Starlon
    My culminating project Trepanning is made up of two sections. The first section,“Afropessimism” is made up of 10 poems on the crippling effect of the 2016 election, and a deep exploration into my own afropessimism. These poems examine my civic anxiety . . .
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    Schafer, John C.
    In this article I investigate notions of womanhood in Vietnam by examining an autobiography by Lê Vân, a well-known actress. My approach, taken from literary studies, is intertextual: It assumes that in telling their life stories authors will inevitab . . .
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    Robles, Katherine
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    Masters Thesis
    Guarino, Andrea
    On December 30, 2004, my father murdered my mother. The wound left by my mother’s absence has never fully healed. This work is my attempt to describe what it felt like to lose everything in one day, to try and find my place in a new family, and to mov . . .
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    McClintic, Julie Ricks
    Dating While Fat: Notes From a Harmed Life is a memoir, collected in four linked stories, exploring the intersection of absurdity and horror at various times throughout the author’s life. “Dating While Fat” is a reflective look back at my life as a fo . . .
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    Cool, Andrea Christine
    Autobiographical writing is a vehicle for self-discovery; not only self-explanation, but the re-membering of specific incidents in our lives which, when examined after the fact, allow us to question what we believe to be true. This project explores ho . . .
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    McManus, Julia Kathleen
    “Sowing Seeds of the Pomegranate: A Garden of Memoir” is a work of creative nonfiction. The inspiration for this project goes back more than thirty years to the late 1970s and early 1980s, a time when the author lived in the backwoods hills of Middle . . .
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    Reese, Nicole
    Autobiographical writing and close reading are vehicles for self-discovery and the creation of meaning. This project incorporates and blends those vehicles through the inclusion of three pieces of creative nonfiction (autobiography/memoir) and my anal . . .