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  • Qf85nd678?file=thumbnail
    Learning Object
    Center for Community Development
    A Yurok Coloring book for elementary students with pictures and vocabulary.
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    Learning Object
    Sherman, Herman
    A transcription of several stories told by Hupa tribal members in 1984.
  • Audio
    Sound recording
    Carpenter, Calvin
    An audio version of the Now You're Speaking - Hupa! dictionary, with common words, phrases, and a pronunciation guide.
  • Dz010s66b?file=thumbnail
    Learning Object
    Devine, Zo
    A short guide to the tribes of Northwestern California and Southwestern Oregon.
  • 4j03d205h?file=thumbnail
    Bommelyn, Loren
    A Tolowa language vocabulary book with extensive word lists, pronunciation guide, common phrases, situational expressions and a map of Karuk Villages.
  • P2676z06w?file=thumbnail
    Learning Object
    Sherman, Herman, Sr.
    A Hupa language workbook with an answer key that focuses on Hupa numbers.
  • 1n79h6934?file=thumbnail
    Bennett, Ruth
    A collection of three Karuk stories, which include Mockingbird and Swamp Robin, Coyote Tries to Reach the Sun, and Coyote's Trade Song.
  • 1g05fd88j?file=thumbnail
    Riley, Nancy
    An illustrated Karuk word book.
  • 4f16c540v?file=thumbnail
    Learning Object
    Trull, Georgiana
    A Yurok natural resources vocabulary book with illustrations.
  • V692t872h?file=thumbnail
    Learning Object
    Guy, Gladys
    A Karuk language workbook, with an answer key, that focuses on numbers.