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    Botts, Howard Alan
    This study investigates the changing commercial structure of Monterey, California, 1885-1926. The objectives of this study are: (1) What was the relationship between population growth and Monterey’s urban morphology? (2) How did the functional composi . . .
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    Taugher, Michael Frederick
    This study describes growth and spread of settlement in the previously settled Hispanic area of California between 1848 and 1890. The objectives of this study are to assess the available data, to determine the aggregate population of the study area th . . .
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    Benson, Arlene Svea
    The purpose of this masters thesis is to make available the field notes and unpublished manuscripts of the Rev. Stephen Bowers, an amateur archaeologist who excavated Chumash cemeteries for the Smithsonian Institution in the 1870s and 1880s. The secon . . .
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    Groenendaal, Gayle M.
    The following work contains research on the development of California's first fuel crisis, a shortage of fuel wood. To understand what caused the shortage of fuel wood in California, data gathered from the existing literature describing the landscape . . .
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    Corum, Joyce Margaret
    Southern California sites dating between 3000-8000 B.P. are attributed to the "Millingstone Horizon." This span of California prehistory is traditionally described as a period in which highly sedentary populations exploited primarily seeds and shellfi . . .
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    Oliver, Virginia L.
    The contact between Hispanic and non-hispanic cultures in Alta California eventually resulted in a number of landscape changes. The attitudes which led to landscape change did not suddenly appear with the influx of miners and settlers after 1849, but . . .