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    Li, Chenyang
    In the English-speaking world, the study of Chinese philosophy has been focused mainly on pre-Qin philosophy and Song-Ming neo-Confucianism. In comparison, contemporary Chinese philosophy, as an initial attempt to communicate with . . .
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    Tucker, Ericka
    Can we ever justly critique the norms and practices of another culture? When activists or policy-makers decide that one culture’s traditional practice is harmful and needs to be eradicated, does it matter whether they are members of that culture? Give . . .
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    Li, Chenyang
    The study of Chinese philosophy in the English-speaking world has largely focused on ethical and political theories. In comparison, Chinese metaphysics—here understood primarily as theories regarding the nature, components, and operating principles of . . .
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    Neville, Robert Cummings
    The essay distinguishes two kinds of ultimate reality, ontological and cosmological. The ontological kind is whatever answers to the question of why there is anything determinate at all. Three great thematic answers have been developed in the world‟s . . .
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    Groves, J. Randall
    This paper is a work of what I call “critical comparativism.” I compare civilizations and try to use the results to suggest more critical ways of thinking about our own society. One of the benefits of comparativism is that it allows us to be critical . . .
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    Sun, Weimin
    This paper outlines some key features of Chinese cosmology and discusses its significance on contemporary philosophical issues. Contrary to popular approaches to comparative philosophy, I aim to offer a holistic picture of Chinese cosmology by examini . . .
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    Tan, Kok-Chor
    It is a common practice to compare Thomas Hobbes with the ancient Chinese philosopher, Xunzi. Indeed, for the student who is acquainted with Hobbes and Western Philosophy but unfamiliar with Ancient Chinese philosophy, accessing Xunzi through the lens . . .
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    Liu, JeeLoo
    This paper calls for a reconstruction of Chinese metaphysics that recognizes the distinct features of Chinese worldview, while at the same time explores the speculative thinking behind the dominant ethical concerns in Chinese philosophy. It suggests s . . .
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    Liu, Chuang
    The project aims at finding out whether there is a way among the historical ideas of Chinese philosophy through which we can understand the relationship between a quantum system and its observer that appears puzzling, or even paradoxical, in the simpl . . .
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    Jiang, Xinyan
    "Rationality" is generally regarded as a concept exclusive to Western philosophy. In this paper I intend to show that even if in Chinese philosophy there is not a term equivalent to “rationality” in Western philosophy, Chinese philosophers have discus . . .