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  • Work
    Wohldmann, Erica
    Food is essential for maintaining human life; however, our food choices can have negative impacts on the health of our bodies and our planet. For example, obesity and diet-related diseases are increasing at alarming rates. In addition, agricultural ch . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Holmlund, Robert Croy
    Religious freedom is necessarily a broad concept since it must apply to a wide range of religions. Yet, religious freedom in the United States is rooted in the First Amendment, which was created for a limited set of religions (i.e., Protestant Christi . . .
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    Villaescusa, Sable
    Within William Shakespeare’s works the women characters range from being independent and outspoken to submissive and obedient. Throughout the plays, despite their natural personalities, the women are often faced with social institutions that regulate . . .
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    Johnston, Cassandra
    The focus of this research was to see if choice in topic or form in writing has an effect on the attitudes of third grade boys and if the effect is positive or negative. The reason for focusing the study on writing is because; I struggled with writing . . .
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    Benassini, Saundra
    This study looks at how providing creative alternative choices on the culminating task to English 3-4 continuation students may provide opportunities for greater success.
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    Pettit, Alesha Suzanne
    Some women choose not to reproduce. This is counterintuitive from an evolutionary theoretical perspective as individual reproductive success requires one or more offspring. The main issue is why individual women might choose not to reproduce and wheth . . .
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    Hairston, Anthony Matthias II
    Variety has been shown to increase caloric intake and has been linked to obesity. Variety was operationally defined as eating four sensorially distinct dinners across a week. Four participants (3 female, 1 male) participated in an ABAB reversal within . . .
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    Schelin, Leif Heron
    This study extended research on choice by determining if choice making behavior can be influenced by altering the consequences associated with choice. Participants were 8 undergraduate college students. They were given the opportunity to choose themse . . .