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    Student Research
    Moya, Vincent
    Common Core Mathematical Practice 7 states that one goal for students is to learn how to look for and make use of structure in their mathematical activity. In order to support students in reasoning in this way, teachers must be able to engage in struc . . .
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    Gerent, Teresa
    Project Abstract Finding a way to make social studies content more engaging and relevant for high school students today is a challenge. Adding to this challenge has been an erosion of social studies coverage during the elementary and middle years over . . .
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    Oddi-Hermanson, Sarah
    Due to high stakes testing in schools, teachers have often resorted to a cut and dry delivery approach of the curriculum. Because of budget cuts, any arts programs in schools are the first to go. This is causing more students to be disengaged and unmo . . .
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    Zeait, Barry
    THESIS ABSTRACT How do school districts prepare for large-scale standards-based educational reform? This study focused on one school district’s effort to plan and implement standards-based educational reform. Teachers from one elementary, one middle, . . .
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    Bond, Staci
    Integrating literacy skills into the high school science curriculum is a topic that is at the forefront of science education. With the integration of the new Common Core State Standards into the curriculum, it becomes increasingly important to develop . . .
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    Zilinek, Shelby
    The focus of the research paper is looking at the factors influencing first grade teachers to implement the Common Core State Standards into their classrooms. Common Core State Standards are new standards being adopted across the United States to prov . . .
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    Sanders-Plette, Aimee
    Access to technology in the classroom is expanding rapidly across the United States. Most recently, school districts have received extra funding as part of the monies being pushed out to schools to support the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). This . . .
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    Scheidler, Alexa
    The adoption of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) has created quite a bit of media attention offering opinions from parents, teachers and administrators about the new standards and the resulting changes to curriculum. There is limited research on . . .
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    Gannon, Kelli
    The achievement gap that exists among English Language Learners (ELLs) and non-ELLs in America’s secondary mathematics classrooms is steadily increasing. Moreover, teachers have higher numbers of ELLs in their classes every year, without the support o . . .
  • Work
    Ueltzen, Whitney
    This Project is an Alternative Culminating Experience for a Master of Arts in Education: Curriculum and Instruction. A personal journey of developing as an early childhood education is documented in this study. The path of study included research of N . . .