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    Dunford, Stephen James
    Network Optimization for Beginners (NOB) is a Computer Aided Instruction (CAI) package of programs that utilizes graphics, graph theory and networking algorithms to demonstrate network optimization. NOB is designed to aid beginning or advanced student . . .
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    Lee, Mei-Yu
    The goal of the Visible Algorithms Project at California State University, Northridge is to develop a series of CAI packages that simulate walkthroughs of common algorithms. Initially these CAI packages were developed in a "terminal/machine dependent" . . .
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    Ocampo, James
    Recent technological advancements and new educational media have significant ramifications for educators. The author reviews and examines existing research on these new developments and also provides insight based on his own systematic observations. I . . .
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    Bellotti, Mary Elizabeth
    This study investigated the effect of computer use in the spelling achievement of learning disabled students. Subjects were 11 learning disabled students, ages 9-5 to 12-9. Subjects were given spelling instruction by three methods: teacher directed, c . . .
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    Nelson, Carolyn Louise
    The issue addressed by this project is a major concern for nursing education: competency of nursing students and nursing practitioners in the safe calculation of medication dosages and infusion rates of intravenous medications. Chapter 1 provides an o . . .
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    Green, Terry Richard
    The purpose of this project was to develop a drill and practice CAI arithmetic program for junior high school students. To do this a search was made of the literature on CAI to ascertain the criteria for effective CAI programs. Out of this, a form was . . .
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    Hsu, Rin-Rin P.
    This project report encompasses the specification, design and implementation of a prototype CAI (Computer Aided Instruction) package for binary-tree operations. It includes five lessons. The lessons are: INTRODUCTION, TRAVERSAL, RETRRIEVAL, INSERTION . . .
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    McGhee, Ridge Crawford
    The Visible Algorithms project at California State University, Northridge (CSUN) was designed to provide students with a series of computer-assisted instruction packages which simulate common algorithms. A major objective of this project is to make su . . .
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    Toy, Andrew Berman
    The general-purpose computer-assisted instruction (GPCAI) program described in this report is a CAI lesson authoring language which was designed to reduce the complexity of creating CAI lessons. A brief look at the trends which preceded the present st . . .
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    Yim, Hongbin
    This paper will introduce some popular statistical forecasting techniques in production control for Intelligent Computer Aided Instruction(ICAI) application, and show how logic knowledge representation, deduction and theorem proving can be applied to . . .