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    Udalov, Oleg G.
    We study influence of image forces on conductance of ferroelectric tunnel junctions. We show that the influence of image forces is twofold: (i) they enhance the electroresistance effect due to polarization hysteresis in symmetric tunnel junctions at n . . .
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    Shen, R.
    Topological phase transitions in a three-dimensional (3D) topological insulator (TI) with an exchange field of strength g are studied by calculating spin Chern numbers C±(kz) with momentum kz as a parameter. When |g| exceeds a critical value gC, a tra . . .
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    D'Orsogna, Maria-Rita R.
    Motivated by nucleation and molecular aggregation in physical, chemical, and biological settings, we present a thorough analysis of the general problem of stochastic self-assembly of a fixed number of identical particles in a finite volume. We derive . . .