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  • 5t34sp322?file=thumbnail
    Markarian, Harout
    Wheelchair users face difficulties while crossing rugged terrains and sidewalks, as well as climbing up and down stairs. With the safety of the user as a main concern, the following concept will allow the occupant of the wheelchair to ascend and desce . . .
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    Link, Carl
    Empirical internal battery life testing is a system level investigation, a required part of ambulatory medical device development. The day to day button presses that deplete the device's battery and the 24 hour monitoring of the devices under test hav . . .
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    Nye, Amanda
    Flow states are positive and productive periods that leave those who experience them feeling fulfilled, accomplished, and proud. It may be possible to increase positive feelings and experiences while at work by facilitating flow state achievement. The . . .
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    Lin, Zhaoyan
    This project is the implementation of Test Run, a test-run feature for the web version of PC2. PC2 is a programming contest control system developed at California State University, Sacramento. PC2 is widely used for conducting programming contests inc . . .