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    Gerbasi, Alexandra
    In this study, we investigate the relationship between uncertainty and trust in exogenous shifts in modes of social exchange (i.e., those that are not initiated by the individuals in a given exchange system). We explore how transitions from a high unc . . .
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    Riemer, Stephen Elliot
    This study investigated the effects of group size (groups of Size 2, 4, and 6), task type (production and problem-solving "intellective" group tasks), and trials on group interaction and performance. The interactive behavior of group members was recor . . .
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    Raby, Rosalind Latiner
    Since 1971, scholarship on community college global counterparts has documented the nuances of these institutions and charted their similarities to one another. The purpose of this article is to detail the first three decades of community college glob . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Fusaro, Jennifer Marie
    Over the past few decades, the decline of small farmers in the United States has resulted in a dramatic loss of traditional farming knowledge. The introduction of industrial farming practices has led to a corporatized food system that makes it difficu . . .
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    Kwon, Jung Yul
    The public goods game (PGG) has been a useful tool for providing insight into cooperation in social dilemmas. Heterogeneity in cooperation suggests that individual difference variables may have predictive value. I hypothesized that social axioms, defi . . .