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    Nguyen, Kelly
    Through negotiations, one can settle disputes and establish beneficial business partnerships and agreements (c.f. De Dreu, Weingart, & Kwon, 2000). Therefore, being able to negotiate creative and unique agreements is a significant managerial outcome. . . .
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    Hakeem, Fatimah Talal M
    In recent years, the apparel industry has placed increasing importance on upcycling. The upcycling idea goes along with sustainability, which aims to maintain a wealthy and healthy life and avoid any environmental, economic, and social problems. The p . . .
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    Langham, Leslie J.
    Many advocates of the study of creativity support the notion that the right cerebral hemisphere style of processing information is dominant in creative thinking. However, recent studies suggest that creative thinking or problem solving requires both l . . .
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    Weisbuch, Max
    Previous research has characterized insight as the product of internal processes, and has thus investigated the cognitive and motivational processes that immediately precede it. In this research, however, we investigate whether insight can be catalyze . . .
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    Schultz, Donald S.
    This study sought to examine the hypothesis that individuals’ resistance to evaluation of their creative performance exists as a function of their self-rated creativity. From the results of a pilot study, a self-rated creativity checklist, Something A . . .
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    Lim, Alex F.
    Previous research suggests that one of many key elements necessary for creative behavior is cognitive flexibility (i.e., the ability to move in and out of categories that become less and less associated with the given task stimuli; Lamm & Trommsdorf, . . .
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    Cohen, Ben Howard
    This study investigated whether or not increasing creativity would result in a greater acceptance of death. The hypothesis tested was that a group of subjects who had completed a Creativity Mobilization Technique (CMT) workshop would have a lower mean . . .
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    Cook, David Bruce
    The purpose of this study was to design and evaluate creative performance training procedures for use in an elementary public school and to explore the relationship between locus of control and creativity training. It was hypothesized that students re . . .
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    Gruetzmacher, Kent Charles
    Sociohistorical influences, such as the Vietnam War and 9/11, strongly stimulate the creative processes of dialectics within different epochs. In conjunction, diametrically opposed forms of human inventiveness, in rationalism and rapture, are dialecti . . .
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    Ray, Jennifer Helene
    This project is an Alternative Culminating Experience for a Master of Arts in Education: Curriculum and Instruction with an Elective Emphasis on Arts in Education. It follows Pathway 1: Artist as Educator. The author of this project examined her own c . . .