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    Masters Thesis
    Silvia, Sonia Sybol
    The purpose of this research is to recommend a program proposal to combat cyberbullying. Bullying in school used to end when the bell rang. Now, with the advancements in technology, comes instantaneous and anonymous ways for cyberbullies to torment th . . .
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    Mouawad - Dougall, Ruth
    This project presents five workshops for parents of school age children. Parents are the most important teachers in their children's lives and have a large influence on the type of individuals that they will grow up to be. This program provides inform . . .
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    Shelton, Ashley Alexis
    Bullying is something that occurs in every country, state, city, and school, and effects children of all ages. Cyberbullying is a form of bullying that has only been occurring since the coming of cell phones and the Internet. According to research, th . . .
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    Rosillo, Berenice Delfina
    Everyday countless children and adolescents are being harassed, threaten, hurt, bullied, and targeted in online social networking sites. Such actions are known as cyberbullying. In recent years, cyberbullying has grown into an uncontainable problem th . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Samulski, Emerson T.
    This study explores the prevalence and the relationship of cyberbullying among Native American students at Humboldt State University. Cyberbullying defined in brief is the repetitive use of technology to harm an individual. Cyberbullying is a widely s . . .
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    Reveles, Samuel
    Bullying has become a very serious and widespread problem that can happen to anyone on or off campus. The name calling, the tripping, the shoving, the extortion and the threat of bodily harm have been around for centuries. Even though it has been arou . . .
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    Huff, Kathie
    The purpose of the study was to examine and analyze policy making theory related to California's anti-bullying laws and major court cases to explain how state policy has evolved over time. Another aim was to apply policy making theories of windows, bu . . .
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    Sloman, Leanne May
    With the ever-changing digital world, educators need to be aware of the negative aspects of a student’s online communications. Technology has changed the way students interact with one another. The perceived anonymous nature of many social media websi . . .
  • Work
    Blake, Wendy Susan Leibensperger
    Peer relationships play an important role in psycho-social development of adolescents. Being a victim of bullying can have profound, life-long effects on selfesteem; leading to depression, social isolation and suicidal ideation. Text message bullying . . .
  • Work
    Brown, Mary McCafferty
    In the last three decades, there has been well-documented research examining the prevalence of bullying in the school setting. Cyberbullying was born out of our current technological age, in a time where teens and pre-teens have access to cell phones . . .