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    Graduate project
    Ahmed, Osman Mohammed Viquar
    This project aims on automating the task of a receptionist that includes recognizing people and interacting with them in real time using concepts of Deep Learning exploiting a ML model-based Face Recognition system as the main feature. This would allo . . .
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    Graduate project
    Mitra, Arghadeep
    The process of segregating waste prompts the generation of energy out of waste, diminishing landfills, recycling, and reduction of waste. Erroneous disposal of waste leads to recycling contamination. Contamination is a tremendous issue to the recyclin . . .
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    Graduate project
    Sharma, Vinay
    COVID-19 is a big threat to human mankind. The whole world is now struggling to reduce the spread of COVID-19 virus. Wearing masks is a good practice that helps to control the COVID-19 effectively. From the results of China and South Korea that is cle . . .
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    Wani, Gaurav Dilip
    In 21st century it has become a norm that companies are using virtual assistants such as Siri, Google assistant or Alexa to resolve many problems faced by customers. These technologies are empowered by using natural language processing and are good at . . .
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    Shiroor, Shekhar Vikas
    This project to implements a generalized neural network agent that plays different video games using reinforcement learning algorithm. This project uses OpenAIs simulated video game environment ‘gym’ for training and testing the proposed reinforcement . . .
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    Poosarla, Akshay
    Skeletal bone age assessment is a common clinical practice to analyze and assess the biological maturity of pediatric patients. This process generally involves taking X-ray of the left hand, along with fingers and wrist, then followed by image analysi . . .
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    Ananda Subramaniam, Nivedaaaiyer
    In today’s world, a computer is highly exposed to attacks. In here, I try to build a predictive model to identify if the connection coming is an attack or genuine. Machine learning is that part of computer science in which instead of programming a mac . . .
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    Makwana, Mrunal GovindBhai
    A very interesting field of Computer Science called Artificial Intelligence is concerned with the study and design of intelligent machines and applications. Advanced AI technologies are already at work around us in almost all areas, and medical scienc . . .
  • Work
    Kuan, Nientzu
    Analyzing the U.S. stock market is a big data challenge due to its high volume of data and large price volatility. This project demonstrated how deep learning, specifically the Long Short Term Memory (LSTM) recurrent neural network, could make use of . . .